Action Tire & ServiceTerrible experience


On Friday, August the 7th - I received an oil change from Action Tire & Service (Goodyear). When the oil change was complete, my car was returned to me with the driver's side window rolled all the way down. I drove away from the service garage and tried to let my window up. Once I discovered the difficulty and non-response of my window not going back up - I immediately returned to the service garage. I spoke with "Jess" who had to "force" my car window to go back up and told me to not try and roll the window back down. I then proceeded to roll the window back down and it did not work. He told me that he was not certain how this could have happened, however, he would charge me a fee to remove the door panel and repair the window. I responded that I should await the owner's input. I was informed that the owner would not be returning to the store until the next morning. I then responded I would wait for the store manager to return and was told he would be returning in about 30 mins. I informed "Jess" that I would wait. However, in the meantime, I asked if the manager could be called on his cell phone, which I was told the manager did not have his cell phone with him. Thus after waiting for 30 mins - the manager returned to the garage. I approached the store manager, "Tim" whom is also the store owner and did have his cell phone on him when he returned - I explained what had taken place. Tim insisted that Action Tire & Service had nothing to do with the window not working. He told me that he was not present during the oil change service, however, he knew his service technician did not break the window. He then decided to allow "Jess" and "Richard McDonald" to make a decision and/or judgment call on an agreeable resolution. Tim returned the responsibility and/or outcome back into the hands of the same 2 men that informed me that I must wait the 30 minutes until the manager returns before they can issue any resolution. (I later discoverd that Richard McDonald is a store manager, as well). An offer was made to perform a diagnostic on the window for half the cost. I declined, because the cost of the repair of the window would still be an issue. The repair cost would be more expensive than the conducting a diagnostic. In the midst of all the conversation - Richard McDonald bursts out in laughter. Never once did this situation warrant any laughter, jokingness, or unseriousness. The outcome, ended in the return of my oil service fee and a more expensive inoperable car window damage - that the manager(s) of Action Tire & Service refused to review or even repair.

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