Ackerman Security Systems Norcross GAhome security system - cancelling service

I have had Ackerman Security for 10-11 years. I made the decision to switch to something that better suited my needs and I called to cancel my service on 10/10/18. The girl offered to have someone to come out to consult with me to see if I'd stay and I told her absolutely not - I wanted to cancel. As far as I knew - it was done...

...until I saw charges still coming out on my statement. I immediately called them to bring this to their attention, fully expecting them to refund my money and stop future charges. NOT.

I had the misfortune of speaking with VALERIE, who was rude from the start. Valerie told me that I couldn't cancel by phone, I'd have to be mailed a form to fill out and mail it back. (in this day and age - really?) I told her I DID cancel by phone on 10/10/18 but for her to mail the form and I'd get it back to her. I told her to refund my money since 10/10/18 and stop future charges. She said even when I send back this form I'm tied to a "recurring" contract until May 2019!

I was never notified of any contract coming up for renewal - I was never sent notification one HAD recurred, AND I never signed this contract! I told her I was not going to be tied to some imaginary contract - CANCEL this now and I will call my bank to deal with the charges.

I called my bank and this is where it gets concerning to me and shows just how unethical these people are in their billing practices. The fellow at my bank told me Ackerman doesn't charge you as a recurring charge each month, they do it as individual charges. That way, if you do a stop payment, these individual charges can still go through. SO you have to get a new card. BUT even if you get a new card and they try to charge the old card and get a decline - they can then send the charge back through as recurring and it will charge the NEW card!

SO he did a stop payment to circumvent this. He said they could also change their billing name slightly and send it back through as recurring and it would go through.

He advised me to keep a close eye on my account.

STAY FAR FAR FAR AWAY from Ackerman Security Systems!

Dec 11, 2018

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