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I purchased a Grinder/sander from Ace on Tue. I tried it for about 15 min. and found that it was not what I needed. The very next day, with receipt in hand, I went to the store to return the item. I was told by "Mark" the store manager, that I couldn't return the Grinder because,
" What am I suppose to do with it? You used it, I can't sale it as new... It's like if you bought a stove, and tried to return it. I can't return that item. " I told the manager that I used it for approx.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Port Saint Joe, FL 15 min. I determined that it was not what I needed. He repeated, hollering from the raised Manager's perch across the store. " What am I suppose to do with it? "
I told him, " I guess you can do the same thing that I will do with it... nothing. I can't use it!"
I said, if I had bought it at Walmart, I could return it, no questions asked.
He repeated, "What am I suppose to do with it?"
He may have kept my 59.00, but I assure you that he lost ALL of my future business.

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  • Lo
      Dec 23, 2009

    Using things and returning them is called renting. Purchasing them is keeping them forever. If you want to try, rent. You obviously do not own a business. What if everyone used items and returned them. Sent their food back to the chef? Didn't like the quality of a product? A store returning an item is like "them buying it from you." You are not forced to buy it from them, so why should they then be forced to buy it back from you? used condition? You didn't buy it used, why should they?

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  • Ke
      Oct 08, 2010

    I recently purchased a Vermont American glass and tile bit from ACE. The bit failed after my 3rd hole in standard ceramic tile. So, I took it back to the store about 3 days after purchase - they refused to exchange or return it without a receipt. My receipt had fallen out of the bag - so I went home, found the receipt and then retruned the bit. The exact same sales person served me, admitted to remembering to tell me to go home and get my receipt, and then refused to accept the return. I asked for the manager - and I got the owners dad who proceeded to read me the riot act about how he worked in construction for 30 years and there was no way this drill bit had failed - he then handed back to me, told me he wouldn't take it back and turned around and walked away. After 15 years and literally thousands of dollars I've beuisness to Ace Hardware stores in 4 states, I'm done. You'll never get another cent ACE.

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  • Ac
      Jun 03, 2013

    I completely agree with Logical21. The store does not revolve around you. You can't 'try' a product and when you do not like it return it. That's $60 dollars that the store would lose just because you didn't "like" it. Things would be different if it turned out to be defective.

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