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5135 Merrick Road, Massapequa, New York, Merrick Road, United States
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Phone: 5167985757

My husband & I were in Ace Hardware in Massapequa, NY on Merrick Road tonight, May 1st, 2017. We were making a purchase when we gave our membership information to the cashier (who appeared to hold some sort of managerial position because she was called over to address the register shutting down, fixed the problem, then took us next) so then my husband proceeded to pull his veterans benefit card out to receive our discount, and show the cashier. She then proceeds to tell us that we can't use both discounts. We were very confused to say the least. I continue to question her about what she means. She goes on to say: "you can't have both discounts, it's how I refer to the Ace Card as a discount card" So I explain that one is a Rewards card which has nothing to do with the military discount or any discount, they are separate entities that do separate things. She then goes on to say: "Well my register is not set up to do both."
Now, we both (all) know that is simply not true! My husband & I shop in Ace hardware all the time.. Literally, all the time. At several locations throughout Long Island. We have never, ever encountered such an issue nor never, ever heard of something so silly! I even questioned the fact that if she removed the rewards card for this purchase, because of the veterans discount, we won't be entitled to the rewards we would normally earn with each purchase, on this purchase. She said: "Yeah, but you got the veterans discount." I said that shouldn't matter. She then said again: "I can't do both, it's not set up to do both."
I think someone needs to address this and this person who has no idea what she is doing. We know this is not a life or death situation, nor is it a big deal, but we do know it is wrong and we were not able to earn our rewards for this purchase because of her not knowing her job. We had to choose between a veterans discount or using our rewards card! Really?? Why?? Just silly and unnecessary. Just wanted to let you know.

Thank you.
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  • Resolution statement

    To be fair & clear, we never intended to write and submit an official complaint on Complaints Board. We honestly thought we were emailing Ace directly and addressing this situation via email. (as you can see by the way this "complaint" was written by us. We were on the Ace Hardware website, when we saw a button for "complaints" We clicked on it & it took us here. When you sign up for an account on Complaints Board, you can do it through your google/gmail account, which is what I did, thinking I was "signing IN" to my email account, when I was actually "signing UP." This issue didn't warrant this type of action, so we regret that this happened! We eventually were able to email the store "correctly" and the manager got back to us promptly and apologized . He was very kind & professional. Again, this situation is not a world wide crisis & certainly did not require an official complaint here or anywhere. We just wanted to let some upper management know that this happened so it doesn't happen again, to us or anyone. I completely withdraw this complaint from Complaints Board and the issue has absolutely been "resolved!" Note: This was not Complaint Board's fault. It was MY misunderstanding. They even removed our names (at our request) to protect our identity. (Again, we signed it, thinking we were emailing Ace hardware's upper management.)

May 1, 2017

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