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TX, United States Review updated:

Ace Cash Express has employees in their collections department that go far and above RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, BULLYING, THREATENING, and HARRASSMENT. Even when you have produced payments, this type of activity continues.

They will not transfer you to supervisors, they transfer you to someone pretending to be a supervisor.

I specifically told them not to call on my job and they continued to do so. I am presently speaking to a lawyer regarding this matter.


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  • Ex
      Jun 14, 2009

    If you owe money to Ace, and their employees, not a third party debt collector, is collecting the debt, they are not breaking any laws. That is to say, their business practices may not be the best, but legally IMO( i am not an attorney, nor should my advice be treated as such) you have no case.

    Pay the bill in full at once and never do business with them again. Then tell everyone you know how badly you were treated.

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  • Va
      Feb 24, 2011

    I disagree with the above comment. You should file a complaint with the FTC. The Federal Trade Commission serves to investigate such harassment and yes, there are laws protecting your rights and they are breaking them. You will also be advised by the FTC to tell Ace in writing to discontinue all verbal contact via registered letter and they can only contact you in writing from then on. this link can help you very much in understanding your rights.

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  • Wh
      Feb 17, 2015

    Calls up to 6 times a day! Even if you answer the call so they can remind you the payment is due. Emails that incorrectly say they will debit $1000.00 from your bank account! I get the strong feeling these are people with baseball bats. saying "It's due when I say it is due!"

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