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ACE Cash Express, Inc.

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United States - 75038

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 355 6815(Payday Loans) 1 0
+1 877 876 2274(Installment Loans) 1 0
+1 877 769 2172(Title Loans) 1 0
+1 888 753 2355(Loans Phone) 1 0
+1 800 817 5106(Title Loan Collections) 1 0
+1 888 753 2367(Returned Checks) 1 0
+1 877 223 2274(Store Loans) 1 0
+1 972 550 5000(Head Office) 1 0
+1 800 581 5126(Human Resources) 1 0
+1 888 223 7739(Comments or Suggestions) 1 0

Ace Cash Express Complaints & Reviews

Ace Cash Express / refuse to give me a copy of cashed checks

Sep 04, 2019

I have tried three times today to get a copy of the checks that I have cashed with ace cash Express and was told by staff at store and costumer services that I can not get a copy of the file they have for what checks that I have cashed with them I have cashed checks at other places and am...

Ace Cash / Unknown debt with this company

Mar 01, 2016

received an e-mail at 4:19 today informing me that i owed an amount to a company called ace cash, and that legal action was going to be taken within the next 7 days if i did not pay. here is a copy of the correspondence. there is no information provided as to the contact person to whom the... / they still didn't provide my loan

Jun 24, 2015

I want to advise other people to use the services of We searched for extra money and decided to use the services of this company. But these people asked to provide tons of papers. They asked to send bank details. When they received all information, they stopped to... / they started to threaten me

Jun 05, 2015

I took loan from the company I have already returned it, but the agents started to call me and sent emails. They also threatened me and asked to pay the loan back as soon as possible or they would open a case against me. I already provided the proof that the loan...

Cash Xpress / car title loan

Mar 29, 2013

I took out a car title loan in oct. 2012 to pay for high medical bills (I have cancer) i fully understood the high interest rates but was deperate. My payments were $559. 00 monthly. Every month but 1 i paid $600. 00. The one moth i only paid $500. 00. . Cash xpress repoed my car today for...

Ace Cash Express / company did not send my payment to my frontier account


On 9/18 and 9/24 I made a payment to my Frontier Fios account. I received my Frontier bill on 10/7 and returned to Ace Cash Express to inquire about my payments since they were never received by Frontier. I have returned on 3 occassions to complain to Ace Cash Express and each time I get...

Ace Cash Express / denied loans (when there's no reason to deny)


On July 27, 2010; I made the payment to pay off my loan, as well as the returned check fee for ACE Cash Express to what is now known as Midwest Recovery [protected]). After a year of not applying for a payday loan through ACE Cash Express, I needed to go through them again to get another loan...

Ace Cash Express / rip off


I went to Ace to purchase a money order in San Marcos Texas as I have an account with them. Not only did they charge me $1.79 for the money order, which is fine, they charged me an additional $3.00 and the kicker is, they charged me another $10.23 for a convenience fee? Convenience fee? I...

Ace Cash Express / harrassment


I cannot wait until Monday to speak with my attorneys to give them the blow by blow detail of the harrassement I endured with Ace over the telephone, they have stoop to a new low and their employees are now speaking out against them!!! Let the Lawsuit begin!!! Also, for those of you who...

Ace Cash Express / unwilling to take payments on payday loan


ACE Cash Express. PDL Provider. I called them to let them know I was not able to pay the $300 loan back and need to make payment arrangements that could fit into my situation They said $100 down immediately and $209 in 7 days. Well that does not fit. I needed them to take $75/mo till paid...

Ace Cash Advance / Fraud and Harassment


The Company Ace Cash Advance or someone protraying to be a representative from the company called my relatives stating that I took out a loan with their company and never repaid them. They could not provide me with accurate information other than my name. They threaten to sue me for a loan...

Ace Cash Express / poor service


I made the mistake of inquiring about one of those payday loans that they deposit in your checking acount WRONG they deposited money in my account without my permission and now they take out 60 bucks a week out of my accountt a week for 3 months now today they took out 160 dollars i dont...

Ace Cash Advance / Obnoxious Employees


Ace Cash Express has employees in their collections department that go far and above RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, BULLYING, THREATENING, and HARRASSMENT. Even when you have produced payments, this type of activity continues. They will not transfer you to supervisors, they transfer you to someone...

Ace Cash Express / payments


I got a loan from Ace. I paid down and had to take it back out several times. The last time I paid down the total times available to me which was three and then I had to pay like an extra $400 in interest. Well I couldn't pay that. I asked them to hold it for me they said no and put...