AccountNow / you can call me at [protected] I appreciate it if you get back to me

I wasn't able to get my son's Christmas gifts last year because of false information I was told by customer service rep and I would like to file a complaint or not getting my reimbursement in time I would like to speak to a president or manager or somebody very high up to get this point very established and cross to find out I would like to get back 766.12 I made this complaint last year December nobody got back to me with previous latest action reports that was sent as information confirmation I have numerous customer service reps I spoke to and in my notes in my email I have a lot of dates have call with this previous problem please get back to me as soon as possible so it can be fixed thank you

  • Updated by Lionel Hacket, Nov 28, 2017

    please set please somebody get back to me I'm expecting to call back at [protected] or you can reach me at Lionel Hackett 21 at I'm looking forward to speaking to somebody thank you

Nov 28, 2017

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