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Account Now Visa / disputes

1 PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 18008374585

The Company has drained my personal account, And now This accountnow visa 29.95&29.95 Needs to be refunded

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  • Na
      25th of Jan, 2009

    I have received a card but I don't think it's activated

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  • Bl
      8th of Mar, 2010

    We are having to deal with the IRS, the FBI, the BBB AND the Federal Trade Commission all at the same time because AccountNow Inc. "stole" our federal tax returns five weeks ago, and never returned it back to the feds! WE HATE ACCOUNTNOW!!! Spread the word what they are doing. We are talking $10, 000 here!!!

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  • De
      10th of Apr, 2010

    Accountnow should go out of business and have to reimburse everyone that money they have frozen including my $604.60, I pray this happens for them.

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  • Da
      21st of Apr, 2010

    Try it here and earn $35 free you can cancel your card after

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  • Un
      12th of May, 2010

    dont Don't go with account now they RRRRRRRRRRRRipe OFF !!! dont do it

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  • Lo
      24th of Oct, 2010

    I don't normally post anything on the web but THIS I had to post...Accountnow is a ripoff...i miss placed my card which I thought at the time it was lost so I called "accontnow" (which later I found was not acountnow because they are closed during the weekend) to jave my card "temporarily blocked" in case I found...well lets just say temporary to them was 7 to 10 business days.NO Money for 10 DAYS!!! That's it when I get my money they don't have to worrry about me!!! Signed PISSED

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  • La
      7th of Feb, 2012

    i have had this card for over a year but never used it i had tax refund deposit on my card and they have frozen my card but they take a dollar off every time i call them i dont know if i will get my money because i sent everthing they ask for if anyone got they money from account now let me know

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  • Jo
      8th of Oct, 2012

    worst place ever same thing here asking for utility bill with address on it! gave them my email and emailed them they did not respond the number they have to report your card lost or stolen is automated asking you to give them your card number! i lost my card how am i going to give them my card number? i had gone to the BBB to file a complaint and found 771 people complained in 3 years of there 5 years being open. not good but i found a number on there with there address so i called they gave me this number to fax the stuff they wanted 605-544-2339 the next day after i fax i get an email saying sorry it took so long to fax it to a different number wth? i called the number from BBB again and they said oh no thats the wrong number! so wile on hold for 30 minutes i look the number up and lo and behold the number is a fax and to there bank! now i made it known they are intentionally holding my money illegally and its theft! they dont care. i sent so many emails and i get 2 replies saying to call the customer care which i cant do because i do not have my card! further they locked me out my online account so i cant see if anyone is using my card

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  • La
      7th of Oct, 2015

    i definetly agree I have been with them for about a year the only luxury is that they are always freezing my money, something always comes up missing I had a charge that was in an amount of 290.00 they never refunded it they just set a case however I have never got my money I can not stand them they blocked my card and I could not use it I had to wait 10 days with no money I got my direct deposit the next day the card was blocked

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  • Ly
      18th of Jan, 2018

    Comptroller of currency governs all banks.. file complaints
    This is the movers and the shakers

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  • Do
      26th of Sep, 2018

    My. Card. Got. Stolen. And. Someone. Took. All. My. Money. And. I. Need. My. Money. Back. On. My. Card. So. I. Can. Pay. My. Bills. It. Is. Ashame. How. People. Steal. From. U. It. Is. Not. Right. And. I. Think. I. Deserve. For. My. Money. To. Be. Back. On. My. Is. Against. The. Law. To. Steal. From. People.

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