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Account Now Visa / they froze my card and won't reply

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In the beginning of May, 2008 I contacted my credit card company (Account Now Visa) and advised them that someone used my credit card without my permission, they said they would investigate and I would hear from they in 30 days, in 30 days I received a letter stating that they couldn't do anything because someone also used my pin number, that was that.

This is July 11th, it is also Friday, I discovered at 2:30pm that account now froze my funds, I called a total of 8 times, Customer Service said the person that froze the accoount, did so because of my complaint in MAY, since then I have mad regular payments, so I cannot for the world understand WHY HAVE THEY FROZE MY ACCOUNT?

No one calls you back, they say they will, but they don't, they keep putting me on hold, I got this card so I don't carry cash, I have no way to get gas, to buy food, I am in real trouble and I told them, I told them I want my money, I answered all their security questions, but they just say someone will call.

  • Agnes Jones's Response, Mar 30, 2017

    then when you try there customer services ok you get machine talking

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  • Sh
      12th of Sep, 2008

    I am also having problems with accountnow, they closed my account without even notifying me. I have no money what so ever, because by closing my account my direct deposit was refused and now I have to wait until the transaction is sent back to my payroll dept and they issue me a paper check.

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  • Di
      21st of Sep, 2008

    I applyed for one of these mastercards, With the promise of getting $700 on it when it arrived. But when i activated it there was nothing, So i confronted them about it and a few hours later my account was closed. So as a law student i told them through an e-mail that if they didn't, Reopen my account and put the money on it then they would have a law suit. Nothing Has happened so we i mean my teacher and i are suing

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  • Mi
      1st of Nov, 2008


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  • Je
      8th of Nov, 2008

    I've been using Account Now since 2006 and have never had a problem with them at all. My direct deposits arrive on time and customer service is always helpful. This is a prepaid card, so unless you arranged for a deposit, the card will not have funds on it when it arrives.

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  • Li
      27th of Feb, 2009

    My account is frozen also and I keep calling and calling and money is being deducted out of my account by them for each phone call i make i already fax in all the documentation they ask for i had to find out at the walgreen pharmacy that my account was closed, So when i call I told them i need my money to pay my bills why are they doing this i never report anything was wrong with my card they said there were too many transaction going on so they closed it and this is my money my hard earn money and they want to treat me like am some kind of criminal they just want to hold people money and do whatever they like I want money NOW.

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  • Ve
      7th of Mar, 2009

    Tues.March 3rd I called accountnow to reteived my mastercard number because i had misplaced my card in my house.later that day i found my card by my computer.when i tried useing it were frozen .they charge you 10 dollars to send you another card.and 40 dollars to send it faster.accountnow is after your money. by any means nessary.they charge you for everything.even sending you a bank statement..

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  • Ta
      29th of May, 2009

    May 27, 2009, Account Now is a TOTAL RIP OFF. I am having the same problem I launched a complaint about a charge I didn't agree with and they froze my account, reported my Visa card as lost and stolen without my knowledge. As of this evening my payroll check (which is direct deposit )has went into that account and I have no way of accessing the money. I get paid once a month so it is a rather large check. I think a lawsuit needs brought against this company. The BBB really needs to check this company out throughly.

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  • Kn
      11th of Feb, 2010

    i have had same problem with account cant get through to a customer service option and when my irs refund was deposited into my account they suspended my account saying i needed to provide them my w2, a utility bill, my ss card and cdl!are they crazy, i think ive already been ripped off they say my return has been sent back to irs but irs doesnt have it yet!

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  • An
      15th of Feb, 2010

    I am so getting rid of these people Accountnow. I went to rent a car and I swiped my card at a kiosk and it ended up a pending charge on my account. Since the rental company did not take pre-paid cards, they said they will not use the money. I needed the money really bad to put down for a cash deposit, so I had the car rental people fax over the proper documents and they assured me that that funds would be back on my account by 5pm that day. Well, what do you know, the funds were gone, completely disappeared when I checked! I called them up and after being transferred 5 times, I spoke to someone. They said that the funds are not back on my account because the car rental company did not fax a cover sheet with their logo with the documents, even though the documents had all of the information and logos on it! And what's worse, is that if they didn't receive the cover sheet, the funds will be in pending status for 30 business days?! This is totally ridiculous. What gives these people the right to deny me my hard earn money when I need it?! My advice, drop them because they are a recipe for disaster.

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  • Wi
      26th of Feb, 2010

    i have loans deposited into account now prepaid cards and they havnt sent them to me i got them threw loan they will not let me oo anything about my money my name is willie d gann email is [protected] please let me no about my money account now has got it thank u willie gann

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  • Ma
      9th of Mar, 2010

    Well, i have no doubt that there are people who have legitimate complaints, but with 40 million customers, i would be suspicious if there were none. There is not one company in bussiness today, that does not have or have had a complaint made against them.

    I will say this, Accountnow will freeze you account without a thought, and this can be a problem. but think of the alternative, if there is a problem and they do not freeze the account they could be held liable.

    Advice: If you have your account direct deposited, get two cards, on Visa and One Master card..Have only a portion deposited to to each and sort of give the system a test run.

    Now you want to talk about fraud, What do you think all those people at washington mutual felt, i mean on monday it was your bank on tuesday you find the bank is no more.

    Advice: If you encounter a problem, just as with any bank...(besides the bank behind Account now is called Meta bank) Go online and print out a full bank statement, then call..

    I am sure i will someday in the future have a problem with this bank, but apparently we have all had problems with the conventional banks as well or why would we be using Accountnow.

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  • Fk
      13th of Mar, 2010

    problems today, their site is DOWN, cannot get ahold of anybody, and they want me to activate my card again that had over $4, 000 on it! Where is my DAM MONEY! I need a lawyer also, contact me [protected] they mess with the wrong person here...

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  • Ch
      13th of Mar, 2010

    I had the same problem today, fknpist. It's too frustrating. I'm cancelling this card.

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  • Ih
      23rd of Mar, 2010


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  • Ci
      23rd of Mar, 2010

    I have not had a problem in 3 years with Accountnow, but I am sure after reading these Post I probally will. My Daughter however, just called and told me her card is -27.00 they say you cannot overdrapht your Accountnow Card so this sounded weird so I went in her Account and it was true. It seems a Vendor ran her Card after 11 days 2 times and her account was negative. What's with that I thought you could not OD your card? I think I will tell her to not call and complain or they will close her account, she is ahead of them as she does not direct deposit. Now I will not Direct Deposit in the future either seems that is how they hold your money to use for 30 days. That is not good thanks for the Warning. Not only that I have been referring People with Facebook to Accountnow to make referal fees, maybe I will stop


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  • Tv
      29th of Mar, 2010

    Somebody set up an automatic bill pay under my account now account and drained my account for 3, 300, I caught it in time and stopped payment on the check
    ( they charged my 20.00) but whatever, anyway I said I wanted to close my account, they said I had to call the tax place and have them fax account now a letter releasing my money, so I did, Now they are saying they are holding my money for up to 30 days before they send it back t the tax place, because a merchant might still need to charge my card, THIS IS BULL, I HAVE NO PENDING TRANSACTIONS, I need my money im going to get kicked out of my apartment, Im so frustrated!!! what can I do????????? [protected]

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  • Na
      1st of Apr, 2010

    Accountnow is a mess!! Their system is slow in showing your transactions, and their customer service sucks. The only reason people use their card is because of Iadvance, lets be truthful, you would not otherwise pay $9 and some change for monthly maintenance. I am in total agreement with Cindy Hall, how can you be in the negative when accountnow does not let you go over a dollar? I cannot wait to speak to a live agent, it is my first call to a live agent this month, so it is suppose to be free! We will see about that one.

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  • Na
      18th of Aug, 2010

    Thanks for all of the posts, i am not bothering to activate my card.

    The scissors will take care of it in a few minutes.

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  • Mr
      2nd of Nov, 2010

    Accountnow is a disaster in the making. They take those of the community who do not do well with conventional banking systems, and tell them the best way to to business is now with their "prepaid" visa or master cards.
    Wal-Mart cashes checks for around $3 regardless of the ammount. On the other hand Accountnow charges $9 dollars in monthly service fees. So unless you deposit more than three checks a month, you are loosing money.
    Not to mention no one can put a "hold" on the cash you have in your pocket or purse.
    There are many many more things to say on this topic, but people, please, if you are not good with banks, accountnow is just another thing that is going to mess with you! Do what your are good at and take the cash!
    If you must have a visa, DO NOT do direct deposit! Only put what you must on the card, and in the case of it getting "frozen" you won't be hurting until they release your funds.

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  • Cl
      17th of Dec, 2010

    Yes I agree, I had a tax refund deposited to this account. They received my refund and froze my card. I sent 8 faxes from USPS account now said the faxes were not readable. So I mailed them threw the postal service with signature required. Some guy signed for it. I called account now and was told they did not receive it. So I three wayed the call to the post office. Postal worker told the representative someone at their agency signed for it. They must look for it still a hold. I fax my 1040a the addresses must match. A state driver license is not considered valid if the address does not match what’s on their file. The postal Inspector filed a complaint and advised me to do the same. Look people it is tax season again let’s stop these people from stealing our money. Charge you $2 every time you call and check on your money. The people should not call just let them keep your money

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  • Pa
      13th of Sep, 2017

    @CLASSYVIV I had to leave my home state to bring my dau for cancer treatment in boston, i also had my 6 yr old son with me. I did a card to card transfer to my sister 3 times so she could pay my bills in michigan while i was gone also i did one to my brother in texas who i owed money to that he lent me. I went to get my 6 yr old insulin and diapers for my 2 yr old dau and some food and my $1044.00 was frozen by account now on a friday. I did not realize my account was frozen till sat when i tried to use it. When i called account now they told me my card was restricted because i transfer to much money to others card i explain the situation that my sister was handling my bills in michigan and i paid my brother back the money he loan me to come to boston for the treatment of my dau. I told them my son needed insulin and that i needed to buy diapers and food to feed my kids and they had no right to restrict my card. They inform me i have to upload documents so they could verify my identity i said i be glad to do that on monday but right now i need my card unrestricted. They told me they could not unrestict my card till they got the documents and that the department that handle it would not be open till monday. I told them i could not go without food and insulin till monday this was my money over a thousand dollars and i needed it they refused to unrestict my card. I did not know what to do i had to borrow 2.00 to take a bus on monday to go to the library to send these documents meanwhile i had no food to feed my kids over the weekend no insulin for my son and no diapers they did not care. I ask them who would be responsible if my son went into shock because of no insulin they said nothing they could do. I could not believe what i was hearing they restricted my card because i did 3 card to card transfers to pay my bills and i uploaded the documents they told me it could take 24 to 72 hours to get it released i told them i already went without the weekend and that i needed my money i finally got them to open the card i withdrew every penny the next day they closed my card. THIS IS ILLEGAL HOLDING UP YOUR MONEY I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN THEY PUT MY SON IN DANGER HE COULD OF DIED. I HAVE HIRED A LAWYER I AM SUING THEM THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS HOLDING YOUR MONEY NONE.

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