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Account Control Technology / terrible experience

1 6918 Owensmouth Avenue, Canoga Park, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-887-2800

This company had taken over my school loan account and had contacted me through mail. I had called them to see what was going on with my account and why was it transfered to there company when I had been making monthly payment's with the previous company. My first encounter with this company was a very rude one. The representative was very aggressive and demanding and informing me that I would need to pay off the account in full right there and then. I did inform her that was impossible and I did not have that kind of money but I would be willing to make payments, but that was not acceptable to her and she suggested that I get the money from my family or my fiancé. She also asked me if we had set a date for our wedding, which I did inform here that we had not, and was not sure why she was asking me this. She was not helpful and did not offer any other options. She also was making it sound like I did not care what was going to happen with my account. I told her that I did not say that but I am not able to pay this loan off in full and they will not accept payment's from me. She ended the conversation saying 'Well I hope everything works out for you' and then just hung up the phone. After this phone call I was very worried and was not sure what was going to happen. A few weeks later my fiancé informed me that the same representative had called him discussing my information about my account with him. This made me very upset because the are not allowed to discuss anything with anyone who is not affiliated with the account. Once I called her to ask her why she called him she said she thought he was my husband and he would be willing to help me out. I told her that when we first talked on the phone I informed her we were not and that she actually asked me when we were getting married so she most defiantly knew that we were not. She said to me that it was noted in here computer that we were and she was going to correct it. After talking for a while she said we can do a payment plan every month. The payment was pretty high but I was concerned about my account and did not want to get in trouble so I did agree to it. After making payments for a few months I begun to notice the monthly letter they send me reminding me of my payment that will go though did not include information about my balance. So I decided to call and request a statement so I know where I stand with my account. I also was struggling making the high payments to them so I needed to speak with someone to discuss maybe another option that we could work out. Now getting back to the monthly letter they send me which is very simple, it does not have much info on it. It does include the payment I need to make and if I have any questions it does have a telephone number and a name of a gentlemen I need to call. Mind you there is no information about my balance, no account number, no ext number to this guy, no e-mail address for him, no fax number. So I decided to call and end up leaving a message on a general mail box, because there is no name directory for anyone. The next day I get a message back from a lady I have not heard of and have never spoken to before. I call back dial her extension and a young lady answers very unprofessionally and does not state her name and she answers the phone as if she is at home and not a professional company they claim to be. Anyways I asked to speak to the lady who left me a message and she informs me that she is out to lunch but she can help me. I then ask if I cold speak to the the gentlemen who's name is on my monthly letter if I have any questions. She sounds like she is unsure about what I am talking about and puts me on hold. She comes back and informs me once again that she can help me. I ask her well does that gentlemen work for this company she tells me that she is not sure. I ask her well his name is on the monthly letter that your company sends me and your not sure if he works there? She then tells me' Well this is a big company'. She then says once more that she can help me because everyone is out to lunch. So I inform her why I am calling, we first discuss the request about the statement and my balance. She ends up giving me my account number (which I have not seen until now) and she tells me I can use that to go online to log into my account. We then talk about lowering my payments. She said that they can not do that. I told here that I can not afford such high payments and they would have to work with me if they wanted to get some sort of payment out of me. She once again placed me on hold (which makes it seem like she is getting help, but from who since everyone else is out to lunch!). She comes back and said that they can. So I am thinking at this point o.k. they where actually reasonable this time. I go home try the log in on the web sit, it does work but all it show me is the payments I have made and my address nothing else, nothing about my balance which is the main thing I wanted. So I then call back, end up speaking with someone new and ask the same question, can I please have a statement or something mailed to me showing my balance. She said they could not do that. I asked why and then she but me on hold. Some one new then came on I asked the same question she also informed me that, that is something they do not do, I ask her why again, she says for security reasons. I told her I did not understand because whenever you make a payment on something whether it be a bill or credit card etc... you are able to view you balance. She said she could inform me over the phone, but I told here I would like some form of letter from them with it. She then said that she could send me one out this time but they can not do it monthly. I am now in the process to see if they actually send it to me. Am I wrong or do I not have the right to know something about my own account especially if you are getting money out of me. Now if I do not receive anything from this company and they keep giving me the run around, does anyone suggest anything on what I should do next?

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  • Jo
      18th of Feb, 2009

    I've been trying to fix this concern I have with Account Control Tech. I received two letters dated with the same date stating On one I owed a school loan for 2, 151.00 and the second letter with the same account number states I owed 4.498.00. I called and asked why, the lady on the phone said her records (computer) show I owe (for the same school loan) both amounts. I asked How? and she simply stated "I don't know" and was no help to me at all. If someone can help please do.


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  • An
      12th of Mar, 2009

    This company has been bugging me about paying off a student loan that i allegiedly already had paid off. I checked my credit report after this, i've bought a car, and a house, and it's never shown up. So I don't know if this company is for real, or, just a scam. I'm leaning more towards scam.

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  • Rh
      14th of Apr, 2009

    I don't have a loan but according to Brooklyn College I owe them for course(s) I took at an off-campus site. Recently, I received a letter from ACT regarding that outstanding debt to the college. I informed the agent that I thought I dropped out of the program in time and that the college had not contacted me in years; almost 10 years. Therefore, I was under the impression that this issue was resolved because I drooped before the date.

    By the way, I proposed a plan because I thought, and I quote, "Our staff is trained to discuss all available options for repaymnet of your debt, " end of quote, that they would agree to the installment plan of a particular amount for a period of time. They did not seem to want to hear that and preferred that I give them an checking account or any account where they could deduct from. I refused! And from what I have learned, a justifible thing to do.

    Well, I received a "courtesy call" from a agent informing that in so many dates the matter would handed to another collector. I felt threatened, so I got indignate!

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  • Bl
      27th of May, 2009

    Well it seems as though they are trying to do the same thing to me with my loan. The lady went as far as telling me that I could go to a cash advance place to pay my loan in full. She did not care about the fact that i could send something in other then that high payment they were trying to get me to send in. I think that they should be put out of business and no longer able to handle anyones student loans.

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  • Fo
      9th of Jun, 2009

    The company is not a scam - I used to work for them. However, to the original poster, you can definitely sue them for third party disclosure! FYI to all - they are a collection agency, which means the colleges were trying to get you to pay your loan and you did not, so they outsourced it to ACT. Pay up!

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  • Mi
      9th of Jul, 2009

    I am receiving numerous calls for a family member who put my name on their application w/out my permission. I have repeatedly given them the last number I had for this person that I no longer have contact with...I am reporting them to Atty. General

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  • Pa
      28th of Jul, 2009

    They are continually harrassing me on a daily basis as well as my mother and in-laws. i am furious. I don't deny I owe the payment, but they don't give you an afforadable option. I work for a local school district and i am afraid they will try to contact them. As far as garnishing my wages. Go for it, there isn't much to garnish since our government will loan us tons of money to go to school to teach others, but the won't consider that when they are harrassing you. I have called and asked them not to contact family, but should i write a letter as well. I can't have them contacting family and my work.

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  • To
      12th of Aug, 2009

    they are very rude we just want to lower the payment so we can aford our other bills and they won't this is my husbands debt i know he owes but we have other bills too. we tryed to have them take it out twice a month and they want it all at once

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  • My
      13th of Oct, 2009

    I have been victimized by this company. I call trying to make resolution the representative was seemed like she really cared but could'nt make any decisions about my account and would have to turn my account over to her supervisor. As I explained I eas willing to make payments but could not afford the amount they wanted. The supervisor was rude and unwilling to work with me. I asked if they would turn my account back over to the deoartment of education. They Refused!!!
    I started making direct payments from my bank account and this company garnished my wages anyway. Now everytime I call to speak to someone they will not answer or return calls>>

    I don't know what to do!!!

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  • Di
      20th of Oct, 2009

    To Former Employee…

    It’s apparent that you have never had a student loan if you’re working there. Not one person there is educated. So go make your 6.00 dollars an hour harassing people.

    This company is a joke they have called my work and they almost always threaten to talk to my boss. I inform them to go for it, but they never do. I would and will not give them access to my bank account and because of that they will not work with me on a payment plan.

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  • Fo
      19th of Nov, 2009

    First of all, do not be mistaken to think that the former or current employees of this collections agency have never or do not have current student loans to pay off. The difference you may ask? They have either paid on time, or they are still currently in school. As a former employee, I do not think I would have worked there if i was getting paid 6.00 an hour. The main problem with you people, is you do not realize that this is your loan and your responsibility. Having neglected to pay off these student loans has caused them to go into default. They give you the lowest possible payment plan you can be offered. It is not their job to assess how well you can pay on these payments, and if you can even afford them. They are what you could say, the last possible chance at fixing your debt problem. And because you do not give them your bank account they cannot set up a payment plan. They need a source of guaranteed funds to be able to set up a payment plan. Mail-in's are not acceptable, and for the most part, you are offered a chance to go to your local store and pickup a pre-paid credit card. They call so many times because they are trying to help you out by NOT having to forward your account for wage garnishment procedures. So, suck it up, and pay up. Your loan, your responsibility. Oh and by the way, myrtle826, the Department of Education was the ORIGINAL lender, but due to your severe delinquency, they have forwarded it over to the offices of ACT. So by calling to speak to the D.O.E. they will just refer you right back to ACT, because there cannot be two entities collecting on the same debt. And it is no longer their loan to deal with.


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  • Be
      23rd of Mar, 2018

    @FORMER EMPLOYEE1 "you people". those two words tell me all I need to know about you, mr/miss high-and-mighty, sanctimonious [censor]/[censor] who thinks s/he's better than the rest of us and never makes a single error, never misses payments, never finds themselves in a rough patch. oh, no, you are perfect, and the rest of us hard-working individuals are losers.

    By the way, honeybuns, you're right. there cannot be two entities collecting on the same debt at the same time. so when the irs keeps your tax refund every year for the doe student loan debt and act still sends threats every couple of years or so, then act's "business practices" are illegal.

    By the way, as long as you do not call or respond in any way but just pitch their garbage and block their numbers, no action is taken because they know they can't legally do anything. it's when you respond that they have you on the hook.

    Act is nothing but a bunch of lousy, [censor]-sucking scammers. you all deserve to rot in hell. and if you've left that "business", I hope you've changed your ways and are making reparations for the hell you've caused others. because you stole from people. you participated in an illegal activity. you probably should be in jail, but... I do believe in second chances. make it a good one.

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  • Mo
      15th of Jan, 2010

    I am experciningthe same thing with this company. They are withdrawing from my checking account and I have as repeatly for a statment showing my balance. They also have promised me that since I am on an arrangement that they will not take my taxes. I am seriously taking about closing my checking account and stopping this arrangement with these people.

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  • Sd
      27th of Jan, 2010

    WHY are people fighting these jerks? Because Students Loans are the most lucrative ones for these LOAN SHARKS to go after.

    Let me see. If you have a credit card loan that you fall behind on, eventually it will be settled. Say you owe $5K. You may eventually owe double that amount. But with consumer laws affecting the credit cards, you can probably settle for $2K or $3K.

    With student loans, consumers are [censored]ed! You owe an original loan of $10K. With late fees and other penalties that can NEVER be thrown out.

    As the problem is explained in the link below:

    "The problem: In 1997, under intense lobbying from student loan companies, The Higher Education Act (HEA) was amended, and defaulted student loans became among the most lucrative, and easiest to collect type of debt. These amendemnts allow for huge panalties and fees to be attached to defaulted student loan debt, take away bankruptcy protection for student borrowers, disallow refinancing of the debt, and also provide for draconian collection and punitive measures to be taken against student borrowers, includeing wage garnishment, tax garnishment, withholding of professional certifications, termination from employment, SS garnishment, and others."

    Read more her about how to fight back!
    Caller ID: 6613955985
    Caller: ACT Account Control Technology
    Caller Type: Collection Agency

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  • Ye
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    As far as what the last former employee has stated, there is one thing i must say they are wrong about. Act doesn't assume your loans. they are a 3rd party collection agency that is retained by the agencies to collect on the debt, however, as the company collecting, (the former employee does have this right ^.^) no other entity can collect on the debt. so if you do contact them, you can almost be certain they will transfer you back to Act, inc. and as an employee that handled accounts after they were put into billing, i've seen a loooot about accounts and different laws that have to be followed by this company. the payments are the lowest that you can get at that time. it is set by a law that the congressmen of every state had to agree to to put them into place. since it is by your balance you can call back after a while and ask to lower it and depending on what you have already put into the program, they may be able to. i've seen hundreds of accounts that finished the program and everything went well. i will agree with the other former employee that this is your debt and your responsibility. not the responisbility of your account representative. you need to be ON TIME for the payments you agree to and you'll get through with flying colors. no one at that company wants to forward your account if they can help it. they WANT to help you as much as they can but you have to be willing to want the help. as far as the person above me. "these amendments allow for huge panalties" ? did you write that yourself? it's so redundant with what you said earlier in your post.. Now yes they can forward your account as a suggestion to the guarenteed agency that has your loan. however, it is NOT Act that is actually "garnishing" you. they don't have control over that. they can request to start it and request to stop it after you enter into voluntary arrangements. i would suggest in hearing out the rep that calls you and seeing what you can get done about your debt. if you leave it be there are far worse consequences that could happen. to all with accounts Good Luck!

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  • Ve
      30th of May, 2018

    @Yet Another Former Employee Let me correct one of your errors. "I would suggest hearing out your reps (plural). Even if you try to work out a plan, that person jumps off the phone and another person aggressively talks at you. It has happened multiple times and it's obnoxious and unprofessional. Also, people get sick, lose their jobs, have other financial emergencies. It happens. Being unwilling to understand or work with people with Cancer (it happened to my aunt) makes any one who snobbily announces sound like they really should prepare for Hell after they die or get comfortable with rebirth as a vulture. Oh wait, nevermind. They already are. Word to wise, take your sermon somewhere else and may whatever entities take pity on you so that you never have to experience having to put aside a bill when tragedy strikes.

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  • Sp
      4th of Feb, 2010

    I have this same company calling me. I did not realize I had the loan so after a little research to verify it is my account I did set up payment plan. It was time for my payment to be drafted so I called to see if they would draft it at a later date. After going back and forth a little with the rep they agreed. To my surprise they drafted on the original date I changed from and the date I changed it to. I called the company to report what happened and advise me to fax over the documents supporting my claim. Well i have been faxing but it will not go through. I now realize they gave me the wrong fax number, probably on purpose. This company really suck, I wish my student loan could be with someone else. Any suggestions.

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  • Ma
      8th of Feb, 2010

    ACT just called me regarding my husband's student loan. The rep questions were very personel, so I decieded to look them up online. WOW! They wanted MY employer, name of the bank I use, acct # and how much I had in the bank...WTF? If we rent or own, references and so on. After I wouldn't give him any info, he also ended the call with "I hope everything works out for you."

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  • Se
      11th of Feb, 2010

    To all the former ACT are not helping by calling all of the posters "you people" and demanding they "pay up." If you would actually read the complaints, you'd notice many of them are not trying to get out of paying the bill but getting some decent customer service! I haven't received a letter from this company, but knowing of my outstanding debt to my college from 2007, I called the school and they told me my loan was with ACT. I have called every day this week trying to get someone on the phone about paying this off, in a lump sum no less, and have been completely unable to talk to anyone! The person who answers the phone either transfers me to someone who immediately puts me on hold and never comes back or to a voicemail box, on which I have left messages and never received a call back. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO PAY THE DEBT WHEN NO ONE WILL TELL ME HOW MUCH IT IS OR TAKE MY PAYMENT?! This company is ridiculous!

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  • Oz
      2nd of Mar, 2010

    I just received a message from this company, and they have tried calling me at work. I know for certain that all of my student loans are in good standing with the lender. They are trying to scam me by making bogus claims that they own a debt of mine and are hoping I will be gullible or passive enough to pay them for this non-existent account.

    To the original poster: get a lawyer. To all would-be victims: don't believe that they own a debt of yours just because they say they do. They can't garnish your wages over an account that doesn't actually exist. Call their bluff. And even if they do legitimately own a debt yours, garnishment is the worst they can do to you, and it is always less than what they want you to agree to pay. They first tell you that you need to pay them in full, and that if you don't they can do terrible things to you. Then they will want you to pay some outrageous and unmanageable monthly sum, and that if you don't they can do terrible things to you. In reality, the worst they can do to you is garnish your wages (something like a fourth of your monthly income), and they can't legally make you pay more than 1.6 times the original amount of debt. They will tell you that they can, but they are lying. They make money by trying to scare you into thinking they have much more power than they actually do.

    Call your original lender to find out the status of your loan, if it has been sold and to whom. If they do legitimately own a debt of yours, then immediately look up the website or phone number of your state's Attorney General's office. They will have information on your exact rights in this situation, and can tell you exactly what credit collectors can or can't do. Your collections agent will try to tell you that the information you receive from the Attorney General is wrong, again to make you believe that they have more power than they do. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Good luck, know your rights.

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  • Kj
      4th of Mar, 2010

    I agree with this about this company. They are pulling very deceptive stuff. My mother fielded a phone call from this group acting like I put her name down as a job reference with all the questions that they add with it.

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  • Ti
      9th of Mar, 2010

    I know for a fact that ACT has a sales person employed with them who never even finished High School. So, not sure what kind of educational background check they do on their employees, but just because someone has experience in the area does not necessarily mean they have an education.

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