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Account Assure / my claim isn't being paid for and I completely qualify

1 United States

I lost my job September of 2018. They missiles my claim as disabled and NOT as job loss. Because of this error that I informed the clerk of, she still filed it as a disability. I had to refile as the paperwork that was sent to me didnt fit my criteria at all. So another month took for it to process. I sent them the paperwork that another rep stated I needed and even part of the list on the claim. It took them a month to send me paperwork with two denials one that stated I didnt qualify for disability (duh really???) And another that I had missing paperwork. I contacted the claims analyst and let me assure you whomever it is is worthless. They feel they dont have to call you when you reach out to them. They'll just send you a letter in a month. I spoke with a supervisor but I dont know if it did anybody. After all this, I get a call to please contact them regarding my claim. I did only to e told it was a mistake that they found the email I had sent a week prior. December I get a letter that I didnt qualify because my order was shipped in October. I flipped. I had numerous times informed customer care informed them these clothes were back ordered from any 2018 and I lost my job Sept 2018. The know it all clerk threatened to hand up and said it didnt matter. She finally used her brain to get me q supervisor. The supervisor spoke with whomever in the dept. Asking for (more) proof about my acct and that it was back ordered. I sent this proof at the beginning of the month email and all from venus. Still not status and a full acct to pay thanks to these frauds I pay benefits and haven't used them. Either all my money be refunded or pay my benefits I'm entitled to.

Jan 29, 2019

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