I am making a complaint because I have asked to terminate services over a month ago and asked to schedule a pick up of merchandise. I was told by Ereika Huffman that I can not return the merchandise because they can not resale it for much. The store number is 06512. In the contract it says that it can be terminated after initial payment. I can not afford the payments and now it has been put on my credit. I am highly upset with this company because I was lied to and I am also being charged $70 for a bed cover that was NEVER delivered to me and I was told that I could not take one from the store, it had to be delivered. She wanted to work out a payment option but I told her that I simply can not afford it. The merchandise still has not been picked up. Now I understand that I am responsible for payments no matter how it's done but someone was supposed to help me and they fell through. That is totally not you guys fault but when I realized this I immediately called asking for the merchandise to be picked up. Again, I was lied to by Ereika Huffman and told that it can not be returned. The store number is 06512. It's located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. This is simply not affordable and I just want to return the items and have this taken off my credit. Thank you.

Jul 27, 2018

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