Acai Berry Detoxdebit card fraud scam

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I went to there web site and ordered the 2 week supply of Acai Berry detox for a 3.95 S&H charge then before I got the free bottle I found a 87.13 charge and .66 chg for foreign exchange fee These people are in another Country so says my bank. I had to change my debit card number and report them to the Police for fraud. I still have not got the 12 bottles of Acai berry products they state I ordered ( I did not order any thing except the free bottle) I have called many times and get a different story each time after I am left on hold forever. These people are low lifes and scamers that rip people off WELL some day it will come back to them but I have learned my lesson to not order any thing on line unlesss you are 100% sure they will not rip you off. It only takes one bad apple to destroy it for all the rest of people trying to sell their goods on the internet.Spokane WA.


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      Jan 07, 2010

    Hey everyone,
    This happened to me to... The product was great but they kept charging me 90 bucks it was horrible. I was reading an article online that actually found a company who sells the acai product but doesnt keep charging you like these other SHADY companies. They are actually great to deal with and actually CARE about their customers. I am going around posting this so everyone will STOP ordering from a SCAMMY COMPANY and hopefully check out a good one.
    Here is the article I found the GOOD company on:

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