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Academy Sports+Outdoors / they think I stole a shirt

1 Mesquite, TX, United States Review updated:

I have gone to Mesquite Academy (TX) on 7/14/11 to exchange basketball court. Which they said I have to bring it in... they won't come and pick it up... well that didn't go very well.
Then I thought of buying few things. Bad idea... I bought 3 shirts, 2 pants, and a basketball. For some reason it was $95 which I didn't expect. So I told the cashier (Mark) to take the basketball. Which I thought he did. But on my way I was checking the receipt and found out he charged for the basketball and took something else out. So I went back thinking I should just take the basketball home (at this time I didn't realize he scanned one of the shirts twice). NOOO that didn't happen. I spent next one and half hour explaining I didn't steal any "socks" and then after checking their video it was a "shirt" I stole this time. I told them repeatedly I am not hiding any shirt anywhere. I didn't even go home yet. I even told them that they can go and check my car. My kids were with me and I told them they are witness for what I bought now and I wouldn't lie in front of them. Finally I realized that it’s a useless argument, so I told them to return my money back. OK, they started to do that...and $65 what they were going to give me. I told them I need all my money I spent. Thankfully they returned all my money along with the amount they over charged. I am glad it happened this way because otherwise they would’ve taken extra $13 from me without me knowing… I wasn’t paying any attention to anything. I learned my lesson that I should never leave the store without confirming the receipt is correct…
Why there was so much confusion? This cashier took out a shirt from the receipt instead of basketball and he put that shirt back in my bag and took the basketball and put it away. He also scanned another shirt twice and now they think I have two same shirts, which I don’t have… Now the receipt shows 6 items but I only have 5 items
So they want that “invisible shirt” back. Without returning that "invisible shirt" I wasn't going to get the basketball nor are they not going to take the basketball back. I feel sorry for these people...the manager, another girl who was trying to figure it all out, and the cashier. The thing that surprised me most was that they were trying to hide the cashier's fault and make it as my fault. We also run business and always the customers come first no matter what... I have been shopping this store for more than 10 yrs. I never had any problem like this happened to me before and never complained where I should I've complained about... I will never go back to this store again...

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  • Me
      7th of Sep, 2013
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    I went to academy in Shreveport, LA today to buy and rod and reel. I saw a set put together and liked it, so I brought it to the register. I was told to come to one side and informed if I didn't cooperate I would be charged with FRAUD. I've never been in trouble before so I panicked and told them I would do whatever they needed me to. I had to sign a document saying I would not set foot on any academy grounds or I would be charged with trespassing. Still freaking out, I agreed. It's a good thing I don't frequent the store too much. I have alot of hunting and fishing friends who do though and they were just as outraged as I was.

  • Na
      17th of Sep, 2013
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    I used to shop at the Town East Mesquite store and I could never get any help. Merchandise always tagged wrong and store was very messy. Just a bunch of young people playing with each other and talking. It is like they let out a yellow school bus. I saw this older employee slap this younger girl employee right on the butt in front of customers. My husband waited 20 minutes at the fishing area for help. We decided not to shop there and go to Dicks. Dicks sporting goods has better quality merchandise and employees who offer help. Natashia Woods

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