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(Melbourne, Florida office)Do not fall for this scam! Depending on your education they hire you promising the world (a stable job, salary with bonuses in Management positions, management positions) and up to 6 figures as the District Manager. They will even tell you to cut two week notices at the job you presently have. Some of the people hired told AS that they have felony criminal records, after telling these poor souls all of the above when their back ground check comes in they let them go-knowing all qualifications on criminal back ground checks and that they will not pass on the day that AS hired them.
You can work anywhere in Florida and don't plan to get back to the office until 10:00 PM! Bring your lunch because you will not be able to take any breaks, the District Manager never brings a lunch but he only stops if he wants to eat or needs something. You will find your opinion does not matter and if you are talking to or answering a question the District Manager asks you directly-he will ignore you and many time turn and talk to someone else while you are talking.
They will tell you that they have 11-17 positions to fill-AS does one thing sell. Even the guy that lies to you to get you to take the job gets a commission and bonuses on your first 5 sells.
Also, NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU IT IS ALL COLD KNOCKING! Even in no solicitation sub divisions where law enforcement WILL be called. The Distinct Manager will tell you he can sell--He gets all the leads called in from ads put out by AS corporate. If he knocks with any one cold knocking he never makes a sell! Also you have to call a manager to close you. The manager can give the customer your full commission-you make nothing or cause you to have to pay out!!
If you threaten the District Manager's lack of ego-he will have no use for you-even if the first month you work you are the top sells person!

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      12th of Jul, 2012

    I just had the same thing happen to me in fredericksburg Va. I am a military vet looking for work and they called me offering me a technician position. I went to interview and pointedly asked about cold calls, door to door knocking and was told no it was none of that. I was told by their interviewer that if we went to a house it was because the homeowner called and asked for information. I was also told that it was paid training and that the technician job that i was interviewing for was salary. He told me to come to orientation and check it out and we would go from there. Then i get to orientation and am told that i am considered a full time employee and i need to quit my part time job. When i asked about what i was goign to be doing and how i would get paid i was told that HR would cover all that with me the following monday when i start work (Orientation was on Thursday and Friday). Everyone in the group of new guys was asking the same questions about pay/schedule/type of work and were all told by the trainers that they couldnt answer that type of stuff because they were not HR. On friday we are told that we have to do a sales pitch to 5 of our friends and family by monday for practice and bring the paperwork in monday when we come back. Monday comes around and HR hands everyone an outside sales compensation package information booklet and takes our picture for an id and then we are picked by team leaders to go out on the road and dropped off and told to start knocking doors at 10 am. Spent untill 8 pm walking and knocking doors before the team leader picked us back up and took us back to the home office area.
    So if you go to interview with absolute security you WILL BE COLD KNOCKING DOORS. There is no other position but walking sales for some undetermined ammount of time. I asked our regional manager Pat about tech positions and was told "yeah we have technician positions but you do this untill you can move into that" No timeframe was given or anything. So you will be walking door to door for 10 hours a day selling their ADT promo packages and only getting paid if you sell sometihng and then its only a commission on the sale you made and varries depending on a large list of things. t is very unlikely that you will make more than 200 dollars a week if even that. At about 70 hours a week monday through saturday thats not a whole lot of money.

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