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Absolute Security


Fraud, fraud, fraud

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Absolute Security
United States
I responded to an add in my local paper about and opportunity to make 800 dollars in sales. The add itself seemed fishy but in need of a job i gave them a call. I was interviewed a couple of days later and was in the interview with David Weinstien (Crook) for 2 minutes and i was hired and had a job. My scepticism grew more intense when he had told me that i had a job after speaking to him for two minutes and that probably is an overstatement it is likely that i it didn't even last that long but the kicker was that i was to start training in 30 minutes.

To open the training class Dave opened with hi my name is Dave and i am an alcoholic a lovely first impression it was clear i was in for something that i wouldn't have expected. Then to make matters worse the trainer that was supposed to be doing the class was 3 hours late and seemed pretty cracked out and apparently he to was a 'recovering' alcoholic. Nice i thought this guy clearly hasn't stopped doing what ever he claims he used to do. His name was Claude. Not to mention an complete incompetent idiot. This guy was nutz and explained his security system and how he got beat up and how he has cameras all over watching the outside and inside of his house can you say paranoid i wonder who he owes money to, not to the complete disregard for being in a trainer position and talking about something that absolutely has nothing to with matter at hand. So not only being a waste of time to begin with but this guy wasted even more of my time. I also had strong suspicion that he went to smoke crack on break. He had came out back where i a few of us were enjoying a cigarette and borrowed a lighter and went behind a fence and did not come back till the break was over carrying a suspicious vile and a match book of course you can light cigarettes with matches but certainly not crack pipes.

Dave Weinstien is most certainly a crook the man walk around with cigars in his mouth all day like he was Tony Soprano and it seemed like he couldn't even sell a single thing and another note about this mans branch is that they don't use there own store number they use another area store number. These people probably make out with cash but they seem like just common idiots trying to swindle cash not your more superior criminal that probably has perfected his craft. I haven't figured out exactly how there scam works i know you have to pay for your own background checks and polo shirts which are 40 a piece that you have to have. Then they only do direct deposit nothing else and i found out most people in there did not have bank accounts and probably were unelegable to have bank accounts anymore so i don't exactly know where there getting there grip from but there getting and sales reps just come and go.
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A  14th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I'm in agreement. I answered an add in the St Pete Times. The ad said I would make 500.00 to 600.00 per week. The ad Didn't say for doing what, just that I would "Start Today". I need a job right now so I called the number in the ad. The person answering the phone was very rude, standoffish, seemed to be bothered by my call and put me hold six times so I really never was informed in to what the job actually entailed. Finely we set an appointment for an interview for the next morning. I met with a so-called manager, head of recruiting/training. Within about five minutes the interviewer informed me that I was hired and needed to come back at noon to start training. In the class room with twenty other eager new hires the "trainer" began the class with some ### sad story about a home invasion. She tried to make it sound like she was personally involved. It was obvious the story was made up. About two hours of this non-training nonsense this David Weinstein comes barging in the class room with his over hyper loud mouth ### spewing arms flying act he puts on and continues with the non-training boring story's of his supposed life. He finely left the class room( I guess it was time for another hit). After the second break the "trainer" handed out the newly-hired paper work for us to fill out. Most of the paper work was legit but one form I had to sign stated that if I left the company for any reason my commission pay would be held by the company for six months. That was my first flag. I didn't find the second problem until after the first class was over. They weren't paying for our training, not even minimum wage. I took that as an insult and didn't go back the second day. I'm glad I didn't. Those who are looking for work in the Tampa Bay area I would suggest passing on Absolute Security Of America.
N  18th of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I read these reports before I called for an interview and I too was pretty skeptical but I got the job and went through training. I had a very different experience than what is posted here. Unfortunately, I had to resign early to move out of state and take care of my mother but I experienced nice caring people. I used to own a business and had many very happy, loyal customers. But if one person felt as if they were mistreated, no matter how much I tried to make things better, people are still going to focus on and promote the negative. There is more positive in the world than negative. The negative is just louder because negativity feeds off negativity; drama feeds off drama. I thought that it would only be fair that someone focus on the positive. This is a good company. But if you don't believe me, then don't believe the other posters. Find out for yourself. :)
N  27th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
this is interesting, i would like some more info from some people who actually got hired as i start training on thursday in fredericksburg, VA. any one with info please email me at kyle17428@gmail.com
A  18th of May, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I am supposed to go for interview tomorrow with Absolute Security at their Clearwater office, but I will not go because of the bad reports I have read. I thank you for those reports. This morning I was on Monster.com looking for jobs and the Absolute Security Job caught my eye and I called them. It seemed by the tone of here voice, the lady on the other end of telephone who was speaking to me was an elderly woman. She was very nice but a bit cryptic- sounding to me. For example I asked her what the job entails and she responded by saying she was quite busy, she asked for my first name and number which I gave to her, and suggested that I should attend an interview tomorrow. She did say that this wasn't a sales job, but I think that she lied to me. In any event another red flag is that she followed up and called me later that afternoon to make certain that I will be attending tomorrow. I told her yes. Since when are people so interested in me and giving me a job? Never.
N  1st of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have an interview with this company at 3:45 this afternoon, when i made the appointment for my interview the woman on the phone seemed to be pleasant, however from my recent applications, it seems to be a requirement.

I didn't make any inquiry about what the position involves since most receptionists seem to know nothing or very little about the company they work for.

the only red flag I had with the scheduling process is that when she was reading off available times it was made perfectly clear that this interview was to be scheduled in a 15 minute time frame.

however knowing the legitimacy of the company that you all have posted here i will be on the watch for these situations.
D  20th of Jul, 2010 by    -2 Votes
I have to disagree. I have been an employee of Absolute Security in Virginia for 4 years. My co workers are like family and I have found it to be a posive work place. The company is actually family owned. As a sales rep I have been making between $2, 000 and $3, 000 a month and I am not a manager. The benefits are great we even get apaid vacation time. My suprvisors have been more than understanding with family issues and are happy to help in anyway they can with both personal and professional growth. They have office sin several states including VA, GA, FL, PA, OH, TX, CA and are expanding. Each office has a different store number they have to because they are in differents states. The one that is used primarily is the Corp. Office in Va. Being such a large company there are several departments and positions but the sales position is whats posted most of the time. Seeking employment with Absolute was a great decision for me and I plan to grow with the company and be here a long time.
A  3rd of Aug, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I agree completely, Absolute Security is a complete scam. The only positive reviews you will find on the internet are from employees of the company involved in the scam. Just like everyone else I too responded to an add on craigs list. Getting the job was way to easy, red flag #1. I was under the influence that I was applying for a customer service position since the add was completely misleading. The lady who did the interview in Frederecksburg told me verbatim that I would be a security specialist designing security systems would be given a security clearance and was starting at $40, 000 a year with payed training. To find out all you do is drive around town scoping neighborhoods going door to door selling a preset package ADT security system with no base pay. Total [censor] I wasted 2 days of orientation were there so called managers would not give you any straight answers on what your job entitled, how you were getting payed, and fed you [censor] stories to try to manipulate you into believing that the company is something that it's not. And two more days putting were and tear on my car spending my gas money and will never see one paycheck from that crooked company! Just to give you an expample of how bad there employee's come and go I was in a class of 14 new hires on the 3 day only 4 people showed up for work. Think about it...
A  9th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Well it pretty much matches like any other "Marketing" system out there. its LIKE a pyramid scam but there are ways around it. Marketing is an extreamly hard field to get into because of the long ours and no results. I disagree with the drug use (at the clearwater branch run by David Weinstien) but I do agree with this being like any other marketing BS job. they hire everyone because to hire the right people who would be good at such a thing is hard to come by, so they use there Salesman talk to talk you into free work...they know whos going to make and whos not right off the bat. Fact is not everyone likes to bother people at there homes to push a product onto them and fee good about it. ok yes the ADt system is a great system however as great of a deal as it is, people are not financaly secure enough to commit to such a system, a system that is needed only for people who are to lazy or unable to provide there own home secuirty IE Fire escape plans, training there children and a home/car/ or personal fire arm can provide. My major complaint is how long it takes before you realize just what kind of job this is. over 20 people started in there orintation, the day before all of wich heard "your hired" and gets excited thinking there working for a security company. at no point in the paper, or interview was I aware it was a marketing door to door job, and it wasn't fully made clear thats what it was till half way through the orintation that was unpaid and 6 hours long most time spent with small talk and insperation preaching. As soon as it became more clear and more clear about the true nature of the job, on by one people left the room, i would have too but my ride wouldn't be there till the time at the end. So I stayed and laughed at the ignorant people who bought into how easy it is, and got excited about all the money (possable 6 digit income) they could make. I figure as much as my time was wasted I should return the favor. So in conclusion if Marketing is your bag then this is totally for you but I tried this sort of thing once before and let me tell you..the majority of people hate telimarketing and thats on a phone, emagine how annoying it is for some douche bag to ring your door bell and then make you feel uncomfertable in your own house (takig conrtol of the "situation" in sales talk) and then making you feel guilting for not wanting to buy a product you didn't ask for. If someone want ADT they call ADT. door to door sales failed even back in the 1940s why would you think its gotten any better or easier esp. with todays technology and advertising?...Very very very..VERY! few are actully sucessful at a job like that, please don't by into how "easy" it is.
A  17th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
My son recently fell for the absolute security ad. He went and was hired and did the orientation. He was told he would be selling to people who had called and were interested in an ADT system. That was a LIE. He was put in a van with other new sales people and driven to neighborhoods and did cold call sales door to door. He had people yell at him and slam doors in his face. All this and no pay. It is commission work and their scheme is to starve you out so that you quit before you can get paid for the few sales you made. During the orientation they pass you a paper to sign. It has some type of clause that you do not get paid if you leave the company. My son did not get a copy of the paper he signed that says this. So far he worked for them for a few weeks, made some sales and yes he had to quit because he did not have money to purchase food when they were taken on these long trips out of town to try and search for neighborhoods to go door to door. He has called the number where he is to inquire about being paid and no one has called him back.
The work is hard, long hours, walking door to door in the heat and rain (Florida). This is slave labor in my opinion. I do believe that the few people that said nice things about the company are the ones that are at the top of the piramid and getting the money for the sales. For a job, you can work at minimum wage and make more than you would working for this company. At least you would get paid. STAY CLEAR OF ABSOLUTE SECURITY!!! Hope this gets posted so others do not fall for the trap.
A  28th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
All these complaints are true.
Absolute is also in Marion Oaks (Ocala area), Florida.
It's another Weinstein shop.
It's a churn and burn operation.
Once you've sold your friends and family...and get tired of going door-to-door, you're gone.
I hear they hire people with criminal backgrounds.
Food for thought.
A  2nd of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
There is an avenue to try to help those in Florida who have not been paid for the sales they have made. Call the US Department of Labor - the Orlando Wage & Hour Division, # 407-648-6471, Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm. Please post again if you are successful. If everyone who has been scammed calls and tells there story, we may be able to shut Weinstein down and prevent others from falling into his trap.

If there are others who have fallen for this scam but do not live in Florida, you can try calling the US Department of Labor in your state and see if they can help or direct you to someone who can.
D  17th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have to admit that I find the majority of these complaints to bo so untrue, they appear to mostly be from people who never put in more than a week or two! I mean WTF people I'll be honest it's hard work and trying on your patience but at the same time what isn't. You will get from this company what you put in, yeah if you suck and give free security systems away from the number one security comany in the nation then I can see how you are so unhappy. As for the person who said the only positive reviews are from employees who are involved in the "scam", this just proves you are a [censor]. I have been there for 3 months, I am in no way involved in any scam, there isn't one to be involved in. I make a decent living enough to support my family and that what matters. The only place to go from here is up and the opportunity is there. For those who don't believe me feel free to come see me you'll see theres no SCAM. Get up off the couch and learn the concept of working to make a livin. Please don't be mad just because you clearly couldn't cut. sklear31385@verizon.net
D  17th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
( If you suck and can't give free security systems away...)
A  29th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
OMG! do not get a job at this place. I went through the same exact opening stated in the first paragraph. I was sat down and talked to for maybe a minute and a half by a man named Jessie, and immediately hired. The training room was just a big white room with chairs in it. an empty office space rented specifically to train us " the scammes". And Because my mother taught me not to quit a job till I had another I was stuck there for 2 weeks till I couldn't stand it anymore. The work days consisted of being loaded into a van at O' dark hundred and being driven out to random places like Fairfax county and dropped on the side of the road for 3 hours and told to go door to door and sell ADT security systems. They were supposed to come back and move you to another location but whenever I got dumped out of the van I would wonder around for hours! Not to mention it was summer time and I was getting sunburn and would look like utter [censor] by the end of the day. I wouldn't buy a security system from myself the way I looked every single night. And to top this off I did end up selling 3 security systems and I have to this day not been paid for. There is your scam. I worked my [censor] off for 2 weeks walking around all day in the heat selling stupid security systems and It was a waste of time they currently owe my around $800.00 that I will most likely never see. Did I mention this was from June 2010 and its not dec 29th 2010. I've been calling them because my "6 month hold on my pay checks is up" and no one answers my calls. [censor] Absolute Security. And esp David Staab! What a dick!
A  14th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Contact your state attorney general's office and see if they can help you recover your back pay. If that department cannot, they should be able to direct you to a state agency that can help you. It is worth a try for $800.
A  19th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
N  1st of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes

Absolute Security - Scam
Absolute Security
Digital Light Drive
Melbourne, FL
United States
Phone: 321-473-6926

These are dishonest people, trying to take advantage of people looking for honest work. They start lying to you as soon as they meet you. They aren't upfront about the fact that it is a door to door sales job, or the commission scale. They are all around horrible people.
N  24th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I recently was In-employed due to a reduction in force from a large Corporation in the area and needed a job fast. I was contacted by Absolute Security in November 17, 2011. The recruiter foInd my resume on Monster.com and contacted me to come in for an interview. The location is in a very professional business park and building. The office space is very clean and professional which impressed me. I was still not sure of what to expect because I had asked the recruiter what the position was and what the salary rate was and she said it varied and the manager would fill me in on that in the interview. I filled out a basic application that was not electronic when I arrived. I was interviewed an hour later by an independent consultant that was hired by the owner to help grow the business. Again very professional and nice during the interview and I was starting to like where this was going. I was told that there was 401k, paid vacation, United Health Care, salaried and hourly positions. I asked what type of position they wanted me to fill and I was told that there were various positions and some that were being created and the manager would decide. I was then asked to attend a two day orientation / training period on a Thursday and Friday. Well I came in for the two days and completed the paperwork such as the tax withholding and a large non compete wavier and non disclosure agreement. Apparently the security field is very cut throat and they actually think that a non compete will hold up in court. For those that do not know this, a company cannot restrict you from working in a particular field. So my BS meter started to climb at this point and disappointment started to set in. I completed the paperwork and the DCJS ( Dept of Criminal Justice Services) applications which they are licensed with the Commonwealth as all security companies have to do. Then an extremely energetic and highly professional yoIng man came in and began to tell the class of about 20 of us how we can make good money and how the security systems work and are sold and that the following week would be more training. This yoIng man was highly motivated and impressive as he explained things to us. So not to rIn this on forever here the final results are that this is a legit business and it is not a scam at all. The problem is the recruiting method and I will explain that. What they do not tell you is that there is no base pay it is all commission based period. So how do you recruit good sales personnel to sell the equipment and service for a position that wont pay you Intil you make a sale? Who would go for a job where you have to go a week without being paid? Not many of us can afford to do that and myself included. I would have rather been told up front that this is how it works. For those of you wondering it is a professional business and they do make money and they sell ADT equipment and ADT is no joke. There are several factors that effect why they have to do this, one is out of 20 people not all will make it thru the training and that is because some do not have the professional appearance, cannot pass drug test, cannot pass backgroInd check and some cannot pass the sales test. So do you pay an hourly rate to all 20 people for almost two weeks when you will get 3 or 4 successful hired employees? I say you just have to better screen in the recruiting process and select the best qualified candidates first in order to prevent a loss. I just could not afford to do any work free right now in my situation and left the training. I hope this will help anyone thinking about a position there make a good decision. And yes you are hired to do sales and door to door Intil you move up. You have to start at the bottom and work up, that is how it works.
N  10th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I went to an interview. The guy could just not tell me what I was suposed to be doing for them. Don't waste your time or money with these devils. The ad they posted stated

Motivated? Hungry? Eager to work right away? (Woodbridge)

Date: 2012-02-09, 8:29AM EST Reply to: mptnv-2842454141@job.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Our company is currently hiring for a number of positions. We are looking for professional, mature individuals who are self-motivated and bring strong communication and customer service skills to the table. We require that you have a positive, determined attitude with great energy. We do not require extensive experience, because we are confident that our comprehensive training program will fully prepare you for the task. We also offer 401(k) and medical coverage. Please give us a call at 866.511.0126 to find out how you can start as early as next week!

Yes people are hungry, and you are exploitingthe terrible situations in America. I declare punishment upon you scammers, in Jesus' Most Holy name.
A  14th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hope people read this and avoid Absolute Security. Do not work for free!!!

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