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Abercrombie & Fitch / Order not received, no help from customer service

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I am just flabbergasted. I went Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. My daughter wanted a jacket from A&F. Her whole wardrobe is from there.

The store did not have the jacket, so I ordered on-line. I was so happy. UPS leaves stuff on my doorstep without a signature, so being smart, I had my order sent to work. In tracking my shipment I see that it was delivered US Mail on Saturday 12/2. I'm excited to get to work on Monday and get my daughter's gift. It's not here! I wait until Tuesday, still not here. I call A&F customer service, and wait on hold for about 20 minutes. The customer service agent disconnected me. I call back and get a very pleasant girl. She advises me that I need to wait until 10 days after the order before they will do anything. I'm getting worried as my credit card has been charged $173, and I am sure that A&F will deplete their stock, and my daughter will have no Christmas gift. Meanwhile I have filed a claim with the Post Office. I call back on the day that the representative told me to. I get another pleasant representative and repeat my story. She tells me that she will need to speak to her supervisor. She comes back and tells me that there is nothing that they can do, that I will need to call back tomorrow or the next day if I still do not have my shipment, because it may still be coming. She told me that they would help me more "thoroughly" then. I remind her that the USPS tracking site shows that it was delivered. I ask for her supervisor. He gets on the phone and tells me that they can not do anything until tomorrow. I told him that I was really worried that they would run out of stock, and meanwhile I would not have my jacket, but have been charged. He checked and sure enough the stock is gone. I asked him to hold me one in another size.

He told me that he can not do that, and I would have to call back tomorrow before they can take action. He did credit me for the $12.95 shipping that I was charged since the store did not have the item. This still does not help me. I advised him that they were in error shipping a $150.00 item with no signature required. He said that really there is nothing they can do since it was delivered. He then asked "is there anything else that he can do to help me". I told him yes, ship the item that I have paid for via a shipping service that requires a signature. He told me again I would have to call tomorrow before they could do "anything". I asked him what they would do tomorrow when I still do not have my package. He said that he can not answer that. I told him that whatever they do tomorrow should be what they would do today. He said not necessarily. I reminded him that I have spent a ton of money at his store. He said that did not matter. I am just flabbergasted! The store representatives are so nice. Why would a company of this size with such good customers treat them this way? Why would they send a customer away without being satisfied? I got the impression that they did not even care that I have been charged, and my daughter has no gift. The guy was so flippant. I asked to speak to his manager, and he said that his manager does not take phone calls. I am just beside myself. I know that I would be fired for treating a customer this way. I will call back tomorrow, but after the way that I was treated today, I don't expect them to do anything. If they have the item in another size, I am sure that they will want me to pay again. I am in tears having been treated this way, and knowing that my daughter may not receive her gift.

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  • Er
      15th of Aug, 2007
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    I completely understand what you are saying, and your concerns about your daughter not receiving her gift. I have to say though that this really is not A&F's fault, nor yours though. If you say it was shipped to your work, that means that everyone in your work could have just picked it up and taken it. This is just one of those things where nothing can be done. I am sorry that your out a lot of money with nothing to show, and especially no gift. But unless you can somehow find out who took the package?? nothing can be done.

  • Ed
      29th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I've had a similar experience with Abercrombie & Fitch. Perhaps they train their employees to be rude. Specifically the store at the Roosevelt Field mall. There is a bald-headed african american at the register who is extremely rude (he threw my credit card back at me, not placed it on the counter, but threw it and it slid off and landed on the floor), not to mention an absolute ###. What a horrible company.

  • Br
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am flabbergasted that you state "The store representatives are so nice."

    You clearly have not been into an Abercrombie & Fitch store. No one will help you, they discriminate & they are rude & conceited. Not to mention they are a horribly racist store. Have you seen any other race other than white model for them or work for them? No. They are in a lawsuit currently dealing with racism.

  • No
      25th of Mar, 2009
    -2 Votes

    They are not racist! You are to think that! They find beautiful girls and hot men to model and work for them, it just so happens that those people are only white. And don't pretend you are smart, broadwaynightowl, for usuing the word "flabbergasted", because you obviously stole the word from the article of complaint. A&F is a great store, you are just made because you probably cant afford it, and are probably to much, much, much to ugly to even audition to model or work for them. And they are not in any lawsuit of any kind, no one thinks they are rasict but you. All A&F did wrong was hire pretty white girls and hot white men, you are just mad because you are not one of them, broadwaynightowl.

  • Pe
      9th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I ordered a mens belt on the website and payed 61 pounds for it. This was in may 2010,
    In August 2010 i recieved a belt but not the one i ordered . After many emails today saturday the 10th of october 2010 i have recieved another belt from China, and yes it was the wrong one yet again. Also these belts in my opinion are not worth the money A&F are charging their customers.
    How can you give a reference number from the A&B website TWICE and still recieve the wrong goods.

    peter saunders.

  • Sa
      11th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    My brother just ordered over $100.00 of merchandise and the same thing happened. Package said it was delivered and no one required a signature. He never recieved his packaged and no one will do anything he will never shop with them again.

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