Abella Mayfairunauthorized use of my credit card

I ordered some office supplies at work and after submitting the order was given a free offer as a thank for the order. I didn't really want or need any of the three choices, but because it was free, I chose the Abella Mayfair product. This product was shipped to my office three times. At first I thought it was their mistake, then I got suspicious and checked my company credit card - nothing there. After hearing the news report on CTV last night, I checked my personal credit card (my husband pays the bills) and see they have taken $144 per month for the last three months. I'm not sure how they got access to my personal Visa card number. Maybe I approved the use of it for a different named company (that is actually Abella Mayfair) through Amazon? Who knows? BEWARE!

Jan 20, 2017

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