Abella Mayfair / unauthorized credit card charges

Contact information:

To whom it may concern,

I have been unable to reach anyone from your customer service department by telephone to cancel all orders! Past, present and future.

*** please cancel all orders! Past, present and future. ***

All products will be returned to abella mayfair's north york facility by january 30th, 2017. There will be no rma#, since your customer service department will not provided one.

Currently, abella mayfair owes me $785.80 cdn in unauthorized credit card charges. Please send my refund by cheque to my mailing address, added below for your convenience.
Further unauthorized charges will be blocked from my credit card.

Chronology of events:

Nov 19/16
I signed up for (What i thought was) a one time "free" trial of "90 second rapid wrinkle control" and "maximum moisture 24 hour day & night cream", where i agreed to pay shipping charges only.

Nov 20/16 - shipping charges
$5.44 credit card charge from "17028521840clearskin london 000" for wrinkle control
$6.82 credit card charge from "17025221863smoothskin london 000" for day & night cream

Unauthorized credit card charges are as follows (Cdn $)
Dec 4/16 $136.36 clearskin london wrinkle control
Dec 6/16 $122.36 smoothskin london d&n cream
Dec 22/16 $138.71 clearskin london wrinkle control
Dec 24/16 $124.83 smoothskin london d&n cream
Jan 22/17 $138.71 clearskin london wrinkle control
Jan 24/17 $124.83 belleskin london d&n cream
Total: $785.80

I will expect a full refund of $785.80 cdn before february 17, 2017.
Should my refund not be received by february 17, 2017, i will be contacting my lawyer with a plan to file charges against abella mayfair for fraud. Having read other complaints of similar nature, i am also prepared to report abella mayfair to the better business bureau.

Thank you in advance for your prompt resolution to this issue.

Kindest regards,

Gwen finhert
681 francis road, unit #3
Burlington, ontario l7t 3x6
Tel. [protected]

Jan 24, 2017

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