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I order a free trial over the phone and I got into bring subscribed to a membership. I said I didn't want that but what I say doesn't matter and with the long distance phone call I listened to a very long salesman fast talk the sale and that's his job but it was a little much and I was stuck with the membership and cancelled after the second order and I paid for three and I want my money back or the order. I do not have the cancellation number I had to call the phone number back three times to get the cancellation numbers and P/F 1014104
REF 2959995

  • Updated by Katriina Donohue, Jan 31, 2018

    It is not a complaint but more a inquiry about my membership I use this product on my forehead more then less of anything and its time the renew my 3 jar supply for medical reasons and although I haven't a phone to call there is no order form on the internet. I really depend on this product too and like Polysporen occcasionaly Vaseline but I need this product.
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  • Updated by Katriina Donohue, Feb 01, 2018

    I want to know why you want a membership to order this product. This first order was a trial I placed was like talking to a telemarketer and well done sure but I thought I would be reordering when I need it but no you mailed out a new shipment when I wasn't ready for more because you think everyone uses this product the same which is wrong. I have had to get a new credit card so the card wont be on file and my telephone is not working. My friend will be placing the order on my behalf of a one time order of 6 jars ok this is how I do it and its unfortunate you do not have a order form on the internet because I do not like paying another $30 for the phone call with a business
    Katriina Donohue
    88 Corporate Drive unit #601
    Toronto Ontario

Jan 31, 2017

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