Abella Mayfair / free trial offer is not so free

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In Dec 2016 I signed up for a free trail of Abella Mayfair wrinkle cream, I thought for 4.95 S/H I would try it. The cream burnt my skin the first time I put it on, so I immediately stoped using it. I then started researching this cream and found out it is not FDA approved. I should have done my research prior to trying.

In January I received a email from Abella Mayfair that my order was shipped. I immediately called master card to find out what was charged, there was a un-authourized charge of 135.00 from "Pearl Skin Today".

I did not agree to a monthly shipment of this cream. On the website you have to place your free trail order and give them your credit card information for shipping/handling. There is no fine print and nothing to suggest account and will be charged unless you cancel with-in two weeks of receiving the free trail. I’ve been told it could have been a pop up window, but I’m on a Mac and don’t have pop up window’s.

On closer inspection of the web site, I've brighten the screen on my computer and you can see "terms and conditions" Which is wonderful except the fee on my credit card was charged from Pearl Skin Today...not Abella Mayfair. I've contacted my credit card company and I'm disputing the charge based on this!

Jan 15, 2017

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