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Warning, these people never stop their scam and they will not make any reimbursements to credit cards even if a product was not received I was lucky to get them stopped from sending more. They had no authorization to use my Master Card and bill in my wife's name. They still will not refund illegally charged amounts of 137.72 and 137.02. Master Card is investigating but they lie to the card companies, they have no evidence of any order being entered but they still claim a person ordered. Good luck, and what is needed is a class action against this company, I would consider joining any action.

The photo shows the free sample and exactly the same product will be shipped from a Toronto warehouse on a regular basis if one is unable to get it stopped. My card was billed for 137.72 then a couple weeks later the same process and my card billed 137.02 but I was traveling and unable to discover this until January 2017. The products were returned by our CONDO manager as instructed since we do not receive any parcels while on winter vacation travels. They will not refund for returned merchandise either quoting some other unknown agreement.

Abella Mayfair

May 8, 2017

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