Abella Mayfair / anti-wrinkle cream trial

toronto, ON, Canada
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I will report my full story once I am finished dealing with the company and with my credit card company. for now suffice it to say that it reads very similar to every body else's story.
One point I want to mention right away: I had entered this draw originally following an survey by email done by my Internet provider, Primus Canada, or so I thought. They asked for a survey in regards to their services and offered the option to enter a draw. Today I called Primus Canada to let them know about the nature of this company. Then it turned out that Primus never offers prizes for their surveys. IE the survey email was a scam.
I noticed another complainant mentioning that they entered the draw because of an offer by their Internet provider.
If this happens to you, let your Internet provider know!

A thought which came to mind is that Canadian victims may want to contact the CBC's "the 5th Estate", or their newspaper.
I will post my full story in a few days.

Jan 9, 2017

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