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Greenville SC, Canada
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To whom it may concern.

I was watching tv on the early morning hours of december 28th, 2016 when an ad for abella mayfair came on. I decided to call and take advantage of the “free trial offer” when I called no one answered the phone so I just hung up. Later that same day I received a call (Even though I never actually left any message) the man on the phone said he could see that I had called their number and wanted to know if I wanted to receive the "free trial offer for abella mayfair". I said yes. I gave my credit card to put thru the shipping and handling costs of $5.95 only.

When I received my box the only thing in it was the 0.5oz of the 90 second rapid wrinkle control and 1oz of maximum moisture 24 hour day & night cream and a piece of paper with a description of what each product does and how to use it. There was no paperwork on anything that outlined the rules for returning the product. I did remember from the add that you would have to cancel the order in 15 days if you didn't want to be automatically billed for the product moving forward. I tried the 90 second rapid wrinkle control immediately. But found that it made my skin feel really tight and dry and left a white residue around anywhere that I put it. I tried it a second time and had the same results. I decided to call and cancel my order the only number that was available was for ordering more product. I called that number [protected]. No one answered the phones so I left a detailed message stating my name and phone number and that I wanted to cancel my order.

I didn't receive any e-mails to say that my order had been cancelled so I called again. I was told that the “free trial” items had already been billed to my credit card, the charges were separate one was for $135.14 to a company called “” and the other was for $121.42 to “”. This is a total of $256.56 for a 0.5 oz bottle and a 1 oz cream.

When I wanted to order and they didn't answer the phone yet they managed to call me back without so much as a phone number or a voice mail left on their system. But when you want to contact them to cancel or complain, they are impossible to get ahold of.

They use dr. Oz and christy brinkley's names to help sell this product. If they are really backing these products they should be disgusted with themselves for defrauding trusting consumers. If not they should be going after companies like this to make sure their names are not associated with such scams.

I will never order anything off the tv again.

Jan 30, 2017

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