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O Apr 23, 2013 Review updated:

Company will not give any notification of upcoming charges. They will Not give any refunds back to consumers even a day after charges were made. When signing up I was never told that they would automatically charge me every year, I hardly used site on initial subscription, was shocked to see charges on my bank account when I thought my subscription was over.


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      Mar 26, 2015


    If you purchase an annual subscription it will be set to automatically renew. does not send you a notification ahead of time to let you know that your subscription is about to be renewed. I have a lot on my mind and a lot of things happen over the course of a year, so having the date I began my subscription at the top of my list is a ridiculous notion. Also, refuses to give any sort of refund even if you cancel the very next day after your subscription is renewed. So, now I am paying for a full year of something my daughter no longer uses. This company could at least have the common courtesy of notifying its customers BEFORE the subscription is renewed instead of letting the customer find out when it appears on their credit card bill.

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      Mar 19, 2016

    Its impossible to even find the cancellation button on the website they say in the only way to cancel. Do not join they are not worth the money because its the money scamming part that they want your credit card for. Stay way.

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