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Mark DeLeon from Aamco Transmissions helped us out on 4-14-10, with our car. He did an OBD2 reader which told us that is was a Cylinder 4 misfire. He said to bring it in on 4-15-10 for them to do a diagnosis on the vehicle. This would include just looking under the hood to see all that is wrong with the vehicle. We asked him to give us a call before they did any work. My sister and I did an oil change this morning with an engine flush. I have worked at an oil change shop where I know doing an engine flush is not going to harm the car. The car was perfectly drivable when we took it in. We took it in today, got a call back an hour later saying our car is not drivable. He gave us three different stories as to how the car does not work. First story was that it was the engine flush we did earlier today. Second story was that his mechanic was driving it and that it blew up on him. Third story was that his mechanic started the car in the driveway and it blew up. He told us that it was a Valve Seat that blew up. You cannot determine this unless you take the motor engine head off. He told us we needed to do this. How can he be so sure that it was a Valve Seat unless he looked under the motor engine. He then proceeded to tell us that the car was running horrible when we brought it in. The car has its moments, when we did the oil change the car ran just fine. He asked us how the car was running today and we told him perfectly fine. My sister called him back, he told her that we are not going to get anything free, that we broke the car, not them. This is untrue. We are in such shock because we know that our car was drivable before we brought it in. Just fine to drive. If we did not bring the car into the shop our car would be driving still. This is how sure we are that they broke our car. We also called another mechanic who has in the past worked on this car. This mechanic told us that it sounds shady. That if the car was drivable before we brought it in that we did not break our car.

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      27th of Jun, 2011

    You know, with all the car repair horror stories, I'm tempted to just go to the dealer. Overpriced, but they're familiar with my model vehicle. And they have the right parts.
    And I can complain to corporate.

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