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My daughter went to AA Economy Transmission and Auto Clinic because she had the transmission sleeping a little bit, the owner, ANDREA, of the shop told her that there was a leakage on that transmission and in order to get a better picture of that she needs to take down the transmission.

In the event that every thing was OK she would just refill it and put it back. The total amount for that was $325 which my daughter signed with her initials. The day after she called and said that some parts inside the transmission were bad, and she already ordered parts to replace the bad ones and the car. My daughter was working and when she went to the shop to find out the report, AA Economy Transmission and Auto Clinic told her that the car was ready, and the final bill is $ 2, 100.00!

She can not afford that kind of repair and she made sure to let the owner of the shop that her budget was limited however they went ahead with the “repairs” and pushed her to find a loan since she is just 20 her credit is not so good. .She could not get that kind of loan amount, she is working to collect the money even against her willing.

She is saving just as little as 200 a week for that repair. One week had passed and she got in the mail a notice of claim of lien and proposed of sale of motor vehicle to satisfy the lien!!!

We can not believe what was happening, it is unfair and very low what AA Economy Transmission and Auto Clinic was doing to her.


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