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11:18 am EST
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Edward Safe verified that I am a sweepstakes winner from 2019 when there was a computer glitch and files were stolen. He claimed that the monies for winners that year had been put in seperate accounts so they would not be penalized. I only called because I have been hounded by scammers about this award since October 2019. I have had no peace, have spent...

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9:52 am EST
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American Sweepstakes Fraud someone with the company



RENO NV 89502


GENE CAIRO CEO from the First American call and said i was a winner of $7500.00 2nd place.

Christy Martin from Consumers Protection Bureau call me and sid I won 2nd place in First American sweeps. [protected]-6017. she had me call JAMES Forbs at [protected] SFunioncre Financial Service

San Francisco Ca. He said I had won 2nd place in the First American

and this was not a scam. I would have to pay 1% Federal fee the james gave me Gene Cario phone number [protected] and Gene verify that i had won 2nd place.

They John Moreetti from the US Coustom Board and Protection [protected] said i had won 1st place in the anount of $8,000.000.00 on the web sight of First Ameician input the code fa224e7 and it came up i was the winner of $8,000.000.

I have sent 5 check in the amount of $157.000.00 to the bonding agents UPS

per Christy Martin and James Forbs

04/29 Barbara Rose 616 Dayton Ave Lehigh Acrs Fl 33972

5/10 estelle Brown 10 R Reading Road, Edison NJ 08817

6/2 WN Wise Corp 7270 Nw 35th terrease Miam FL 32122

7/12 WN Wise Corp

9/13 Rokss Investigation and Development LLC

7141 Sugar Bin ST Orlando FL 32882

Per first American we need to pay 1% of winning a Federal Fee

Consumers Protection Bureau assigned by the First American

was to monitored the fee and the Insurance Company Assigned

James Forbs called and gave me a delivery date of Nov 24 no show.

Christy Martin gave me a new date of Dec 8 no show.

Christy said that the money was there.

Now no one is answering the phone or returning called not at the First American.

Christy Martin and James Forbs said the money I gave then was

refundable if the prize was not delivered.

Can youn please help me this was all my retitement money'

They said this was not a scam.

Gene Cario James Forbs , Christy Martin, John Moreetti, Kennety Blancio

Desired outcome: Please refund my money i an 82 years old and am unable to live.

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Update by Evelyn Hamm
Dec 14, 2022 9:56 pm EST

i am 82 years old is there any way i can get the money back and put these people out of business

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3:48 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Sweepstakes I am being hounded every day by these calls.

When I answer the phone there is a variety of clicks and hums lasting a minute or less. A male voice, non-amarican accent, says Hello. How are you today? He gives me his name, similar voice but new name every time. Today it was Mr. James Marshall. He has a check for my husband (huge amount varies) its from American Sweepstakes Cash Award. Today he included a 2018 Mercedes Benz. He said my husband participated in a sweepstakes and his name was drawn from (huge number) Today I asked for verification, he offered email or fax proof of his identity. He had my address, I said mail me his proof. He got agitated I hung up.
How can I get these calls to stop?

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American Sweepstakes reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 3, 2018. The latest review I am being hounded and scammed daily for more than 6 months now. They say they work for Bank of America. was posted on Dec 5, 2023. American Sweepstakes has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 3 reviews. American Sweepstakes has resolved 0 complaints.
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