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50dollarlogo / Unauthorized charges

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I found searching on the internet. Seemed like a reasonable price for a logo. Too reasonable looking back. They say they will give you 6 custom made logos. About a week went by and I had heard nothing from them. Their site says 24hr service, 100% Money Back Guarantee, all custom logos, no clipart, 2 designers to your account, the list goes on.

After my first email to find out why no contact had been made and what was happening with the logo's they send an apology and said within 2 days they would have my concepts. The logo's came over and what do you know. Real garbage looking clipart. Just terrible. Stuff kids make in art class. Well since they will keep redesigning until your happy or a money back guarantee I figured lets keep going, I have nothing to lose. Little did I know by paying I already lost. Over and over they sent me the same type of terrible clipart concepts. Not even 30 days after signing up I finally I requested my money back. The response from 50dollarlogo was that my money would be returned in 21 days.

I signed up on 4/14/2008. Its now March of 2009. I have every email they have sent me. They no longer are returning my emails. They have multiple addresses too., All my emails are signed by someone named Abina.

Normally I would just brush this off until I realized form countless articles of people with the same issue thats what they are banking on. Now I'm going to find anyway to write articles about this company so nobody falls for this again. If potential customers want to see the terrible logos I'll show them, if they want to see their emails I'll show them. DO NOT BUY FROM 50DOLLAR LOGO!!

50dollarlogo if your reading this, send me my money back! Your Better Business Bureau is not in good standing either and its about to get worse.

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  • Ni
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    I too was shocked at the poor quality of the logos I was sent from 25pound Logo, I actually got the 50pound package! I demanded a refund, it took 3 emails for them to take notice..then they agreed in 21 days I would have a refund, which they have not done and its been way over a month! I feel stupid for falling for them in the first place, theyre logos dont even look great on the site..but what they send you is 100% worse, shocking in fact!
    I will have to contact trading standards and my credit card company.

    25pound Logo are complete con artists, shame on them!


  • Ke
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    I too have been stung. I paid for a logo in November 2008, didn't get it, asked for a refund, no replies to emails unless I disguise myself as a potential client. Nochec will not refund the money and it is now April '09.

    It's not so much the money but the time taken trying to first get the logo you ordered then second get the refund.

    I think it might be time to play with 50DollarLogo's online capabilities :-)

  • Sh
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    Designs are terrible, refunds are impossible to receive. They are liars and theives!

  • Li
      19th of Sep, 2011
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    50DollarLogo - SCAM- NO REFUNDS
    Logo Design Guarantee
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-961-5259

    I order a logo from this site on 7/13 with their 100% 5 day refund guarantee only to be waiting (now 9/19) for my refund that I'm never going to get back! This company is a complete scam and I think that everyone that has been ripped off by them should join together and sue to shut these ### down! I've been on hold ALL day long with people at their company trying my hardest to get my refund. They were only supposed to charge me $125, but instead the charge processed as $141.25. These idiots not only suck at their designs, but at math as well. Their phone number (not listed on their site) is 1-800-961-5259. I've been calling and harassing them, and will continue to do so until I receive my money back!

  • Ci
      23rd of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    HI guys,
    I had a very bad experience with this company. Although in the end I got my money back with the help of my bank, it was really time-consuming. Anyway, I think it is worthy to punish the bad guys. I think the bad experience should be similar to yours: bad design, no advice was take in the revision and promised to refund and even told you that they have refunded but nothing happened.
    I’d like to share some tips to fight against the vicious company.
    1, Keep all the on-line chatting records with them. Please note that there is a chatting record email can be sent by their system. The e-mail is sent by a company named 50dollarlogo which is a sister company to it. Together with 25poundlogo, they are all notorious;
    2, Keep all the emails you wrote to them, of course, they would never reply email to you when you begin to ask refund;
    3, Ask them about their address, tell them directly that you want to write a letter to them to claim your right. Mail the letter recorded. Whether they receive the letter or not is not important. If they received, they must reply you in written or refund you. If the letter is sent back to you, it just certify that even their address are not true.
    4, If the time is long enough and all the evidences pointing to a spam, you can turn to your bank to ask help. If you paid by credit card, you can also ask help from the card association. If you paid by debit card as me, you can ask for a debit card charge back. Keep in mind, I bet the first reaction of bank is to refuse your claim. But don’t give up, write a complaint letter to the bank and send it by a record mail. They will contact you and direct you to the department dealing with fraud. Following their directions, describe the whole story, attach the online contract (esp the 100% refund guarantee), the mails, emails and on-line chatting records, if you like, the comments about the company on line. Then your bank will investigate, if there is no problem, they will ask the company’s bank to investigate and charge the money back to you. If you success, the company will also be fined.
    From experience, I would strongly advise avoiding Logo Design Guarantee. They are too cheap to be true. If you are already in the trouble, don’t give up, you will win in the end and the company should be punished.

    I hope this helps.

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