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I've used this company repeatedly and never had a problem. As someone trying to rebuild my credit, I often review boards like these for information about services I'm considering using and I've found that 99% of the complaints are baseless - meaning the companies being complained about are doing exactly what they said they would do in the fine print before a customer agrees to use them.

500 Fast Cash has been really good to me and they were the first ones to agree to help me when my credit was so bad that even getting a payday loan was unlikely. They are a genuine company that does exactly what they say they'll do.

Yes, if you don't read the contract, you'll notice they only take out interest payments and never touch the principle, so your loan never goes down or gets paid back, and Yes, that is legal. All you have to do is log into their website or email them or call them and arrange for their next withdrawl to include all or some of the principle and repeat until it's paid back.

It's not rocket science and if you're entering into financial obligations without reading the contracts first, you probably deserve what you get, but it's not fair to blame upstanding businesses for doing exactly what they say they'll do just because you didn't bother to read what you were signing.

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  • Do
      22nd of May, 2010
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    Hmmmm ... I'm no rocket scientist either but check out my experience. I just posted this complaint and then read your endorsement:

    When I applied for a $250.00 "payday loan" from this company I apparently typed a "6" instead of a "5" in my bank account number. Consequently the loan was not deposited and the bank returned the funds. I notified immediately, and followed all their (written and verbal) instructions to cancel the loan rather than have them try to deposit it into the right account. Then, two days later and to my utter astonishment made an unauthorized debit from my CORRECT account number for the full amount of the loan which I never even received in the first place. Can a theft be more blatant or indefensable?

    I read the "fne print". Contacted them multiple times by phone, and followed their instructions precisely. They HAD to know that they were debiting a different account than the one in which they tried to deposit funds. Morever, both bank representitives and I contacted them a full day before they made the unauthorized debit. Like I said. Indefensable.

    Perhaps you are just one doggone lucky guy. Knock on wood and be careful what ya ask for :-) Thanks for giving me another opportunity to vent my massive frustration

  • Sr
      7th of Jul, 2011
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    I have a loan with 500 fast cash and this is a relief to hear that they are not scammers I plan to pay them back in full on My next check. I to read the fine print that said if you do not notify them it will just refinance itself every pay period. So I hope my experience goes as good as your did ;)

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