500 FastCash / unrelated fee's

CT, United States

During the Holidays. Fast Cash was offering money for a 30 days with just a fee of $90.00 and the full amount. I applied for( $300.00) and payment such have been $390.00. The started debiting my account for $90.00 each month. It's now May and they have taken out $440.00. They gave me a log-on account that doesn't work. Still today after many e-mails they continue to stand behind that log-on address. I called there number talked to an agent about my balance, They said my balance is $325.00 plus a current payment of $140.00 due May, 25 2012. That is not going to happen. I'm sending them a bill for $75.00 each month I wasn't able to get on line. That total comes to $375.00. I have witness that try to log on for me. I had them sign a document, stated the number of attempts. I'm going to play the same game. If they don't pay my fee's, I'll report them to Consumer Credit . I'm telling you to fight back. General Washington and General Custer, died along time ago. U.S. is still allowing (Indians) to make huge profits from US, and pay very little taxes. Have you notice that casino's are popping up everywhere. The money that you are borrowing, my be your next door neighbor. No one's really Care's about this forum. It will float in cyberspace and never get to them. This is nothing more than to make you feel good, but continue to fight those greedy bast&^$$.

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