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New York, NY, United States
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Company with the lowest price for a Cannon Powershot G15. After placing an order online, they call and tell me I need a special SD card for it to work. The sales pitch I remember was "double the memory of what you order" and "I'll discount the camera to help you out".

When I got the package, my credit card charge was $100 extra for a 4gb SD card that normally sells for $25 locally. I call them and want to return the $100 SD card. What they had done was made it a "package deal" and I would have to send everything back. Shipping plus 20% restocking fee! Around $115. UNECONOMICAL I then said I would dispute it with my credit card company. Of course they had heard that before and said it wouldn't do any good. Final Offer: they would give me a $20 credit.

I doubt anybody could come out ahead by buying from this company even if you did refuse any of their "add-ons" and "must haves". I'm just surprised they didn't try to sell me the battery that comes with it.

Mar 25, 2013

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