39 Dollar Glasses.comslow and wrong

After claiming to have a turnaround time of 3-5 days, my prescription safety glasses took a full 21 days to receive via priority mail (two day mail time). Once I got them, I discovered that my right lens was not properly manufactured (blurred vision). I used a two-week old prescription that I had perfect glasses made from a week earlier. My prescription is simple, BTW.

The lady told me that I must have provided the wrong PD and denied that it could be their issue. I sent the glasses back to the company and they responded with a terse little e-mail stating the glasses passed inspection and they could offer a limited refund minus shipping charges.

These people are inept, rude and should be avoided unless you want to waste time and money. Life is too short to deal with fools, so I'll take my little refund and try to forget.

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