24 Hour Fitness USA / Unethical Cleanliness of Facility

My question is very simple being you are claiming to be the person responsible for this facility, then when is the actual cleaning of this place going to take place.

Let's make it simple because as I am replying to you this date August 9, 2018 I have NOTICED NOTHING DONE! And let me reiterate NOTHING I have photos taking over the course of the year and would share socially, better business bureau, health department and corporate. Will that make your job any easier will corporate really be concerned or care?

So now the question is what have you done lately to make this place cleaner healthier and the atmosphere a place people can talk about. I have been to LA Fitness | Exercise Your Options ® | Gyms and Health Clubs, Meadowlands Area YMCA, Quest Fitness | New Jersey | Health Club - Hasbrouck Heights, HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants … and NOT ONE OF THESE FACILITIES COME CLOSE TO THE FILTH 24 HR Fitness enjoys.

So if their is a cleaning going on my question is where? because far from what I have witnessed with a companion I brought along their isn't any where you can say you started any cleaning.

And again talk is just that talk like every manager I have seen come and go were do you belong in the present or past. I guess 24 Hr Fitness really interested in cleanliness.

Aug 09, 2018

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