24 Hour Fitnesssteal your money and do not enroll you without your credit card #

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This is my conversation to the customer service department:

After my call to customer service Ms. Joy (#T1382)

I must see it is my very unique experience with 24 hour fitness. I am very disappointed that 24 hour fitness customer service has been unable to help with my request. My request was simple, cancel my membership as I will be gone in 30 days from now.

There answer, sorry sir as per contract you have been billed last night for the next 30 days until August 15, so your membership will be valid until September 15, to cancel it you should have called on or before August 10th.

1. I dont know when I am billed because there was a change of plan etc because I havent received any bill, which you should have sent me.
2. This means that I had to call 66 days in advance, even though I understand that everything is in the contract and the last month is paid for and non-refundable.
3. When you give me the long contract, I am told to sign in at the bottom, and not details of the contract, it is standard and without it I cannot join the club
4. The lock in of the last month is practically hidden, so I am actually expected to called in 90 days prior to my last day as it is 30 days prior to my billing cycle. Considering July 15th as my billing date, it should be June 15th, and last month is from August 15th to September 15th. So that means 90 days from June 15th to September 15th. Well that's a pretty strong lock-in period.

5. This is a lock-in, forcing the customer to stay without giving in a chance to pay even a penalty and get away.

6. Last but not the least, you enforce to have a credit card on file, thus making the process invisible and more secure for you than your customers.

I like the club, the people working there, it is a great place and I am sure you have good intentions too but my experience has really made me think, if you have any customer service.

One suggestion, try putting on your bill board "Cancel anytime with a minimum 90 day notice" or "With good customer service I can bring it down to 66 days but you got to give me your credit card number for file"

May I request a reply or a call sometime or an appropriate refund for the payment deducted last night (July 15th).

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  • Ap
      Aug 13, 2009

    I agreed with you...24hr Fitness will try to get you in and hope you forget about it and bill you every month.

    I had a bad experience like you do.

    Oneday my daughter told me that she would like to take the free trial for a week. I drove her to a local 24 hr fitness center and ask for the procedure. They ask for my credit card. I told the rep that my daughter only want to try it out why need my credit card. the rep said without it they will not process the free trial. ( I was dump enough to provide my credit so they can bill me). The rep sign my daughter for something that not what she wants without her knowing.

    One week later I call and cancel. Then i was told you have to come in personally to cancel...What a scam!!!

    One weekend i walked in and then to cancel then i was told you have to come in in week day M-F 9.00-6.00 pm...what the heck! I have to take a few hours off to just cancel this membership...

    After we have a chance to talk to the Manager and was told that the rep has no longer with them...(probably hiding somewhere...)

    Guys. beware don't let this happen to you...There is no free stuff in this world.

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  • Da
      Sep 05, 2009

    Ive been a member for years i do work late I like to work out and go in the sauna to relax but they close at 11:00 I remember when it was 12:00 that would have been the perfect time. I had spoke to manager the problem was daylight savings . If you plan on joining make sure your get somthing in writing about sauna and steam room should be open till 12am they should also fill shampoo or bodywash every couple of hours not just once a night. I ve seent them ripped off the walls because they dont have any body wash in them so it is making shower look dirty I go to the one in Fullerton Ca off Lemon & the 91fwy Im already thinking of cancelling my mebership ive been a member for over 8 years 20$ a month and some months I dont even go to work out well I guess Im just throwing my money away

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