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24 Hour Fitness / harassment and misleading membership information

1 United States Review updated:

My first complaint is regarding the handling of my membership. I signed up to join 24 hour fitness almost 3 years ago, in which most of those years I went to the gym 3-5 days a week. I went between the Tualitan gym and the Murray Scholls gym in Beaverton. I noticed signs up on the wall regarding the Tualitan gym having a "remodel". Little did I know, they were turning the gym into a Super Club. When I purchased my membership, I purchased an all club membership. I soon found out that my membership would no longer be valid at that gym and that I would have to pay an upfront fee and my dues would go up almost $30/month. I had paid an upfront fee and an ongoing $99 a year. I feel that it was unjustly and they should have grandfathered me in. They track the times you check in and new I went there frequently. This "oh well' attitude by the employees is wrong and the corporation should have lived up to the contract I signed.

On April 11th I was working out at the Pearl gym with a coworker of mine. She was running late so I started the weight workout before she got there. When she arrived she asked me to let her get caught up with me. Of course, I said yes. I even offered to hold her notebook and write down her sets. I was soon approached by an employee and another "off the clock" employee (two men) accusing me of being a personal trainer. I thought they were joking at first. I had just been doing my workout for the last 20 minutes next to the "off the clock" employee. I have no credentials and I am also not getting paid. I'm simply working out with a friend. In fact, my finance used a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness to help him continue physical therapy after his insurance quit paying. He would have had me do it if I was this personal trainer I was being accused of. Furthermore, I am a female that is 5'9" and 135 lbs. I don't think two men needed to confront me.

On top of it they did not even have the authority to approach me. After they stood there accusing and arguing with me for a few minutes. I asked for a manager. They stood there with there chests puffed out and arms crossed and told me to go find him and pointed toward the check in desk. When I found the assistant and club manager they apologized for their behavior and said they had not right to approach me. After this I asked my friend if I had done anything to provoke their aggressive behavior. She said that I was very calm and precise about why I was standing there and told them three times that I was not a personal trainer and the reason why I was standing there and holding the notebook. I am very angry about this. Over half the people in the weight area have a workout partner. Are we now not allowed to have a workout partner to help motivate us?

If I want to hold my friends damn notebook, there is no law nor written terms in our contracts stating that we can not workout with a friend. I have never been perceived as a personal trainer nor perceived myself as a personal trainer. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for this unethical complaint. My request was a short suspension of the employees and my membership back at the Tualitan gym. I'm tired of these employees getting away with treating the members like crap. I have seen it happen to many others. Unfortunately, I can only file my own interactions. I go to the gym to workout the stress of the day and now it is stressful to go workout.

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