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21st Mortgage / very rude

1 Sellersburg, IN, United States Review updated:

My husband had started a home loan with this comapny. Our first payment was due on 9/01. well they never took the auto draft out. we had called them to find out why they kept telling us that our loan has not been booked yet. we asked them when they would take it out they said that they would call us and let us know yeah right that never happened. we found out that hard way when it came out 24 days late. we called them yet again we were told that if the loan was behind that they could not do any auto draft. well that was a lie to b/c two weeks later it came out again. every person that i have talked to has been very rude with me yelled at me, has even told me to put the money in the bank now. They dont need to talk to people like that. we are the reason that those clowns have their jobs. They recently told my husband that if he didnt pay they were going to come after me for the loan Im not even on their. Thats not even legal. Im hoping that after a year with this rip off company that we can find another loan comapny that will treat people better. This is nothing but a bunch of ### hole that like to lie and threaten people family.

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  • Bi
      18th of Feb, 2011
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    I agree these people are very rude and one of the people i talked to wanted to know where each and every penny i spent went to, and i finally got pissed off i told him he wasnt going to talk to me like a kid and i hung up on him. So now we have a different person and he was real rude to my wife about the payment and we are only 2 weeks behind. This time when i call the payment in when i am finished i am going to cuss these mothers out they have no right to talk to anyone the way they do.

  • Md
      15th of Jun, 2011
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    the same thing has been happening to me i have had acouple of rough months with cars braeking down etc hours cut at work. ive talked to these people they will not help in any way they yell at you and the managers are even worse, telling me if i dont make my payment i need to vacate my home, i have asked them to help they do nothing but harrase you and be rude they even hung up on me. i wish i could find another company that would take over the loan so i dont have to deal with this lieing, rude, and very nasty company any more

  • 21
      27th of Jul, 2011
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    These people are ###s. I agree with every complaint here. The reps seem to be helpful but when their "supervisors" come on the line, they are VERY rude. I haven't been able to make a payment in a few months due to being cut from work..when I tried to explain this, they didn't want to here it. I told the "supervisor" that I can't send what I don't have and she asked if I had anythng I could sell to come up with a payment! The nerve! I was evin told that my payment could be lowered to $25 a month due to my financial situation...well, when I asked about it they said that it was no longer an option. LIARS! These people were so rude, so condecending and have no remorse for anyone who is having a rough time.Needless to say I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the Knoxville, TN Attorney General. This ### needs to stop. There is NO call in treating people like that. I feel bad enough that I am in this situation without having to be insulted by money hungry ###s in the process. I hope some legal action gets taken on this "company". There needs to be a class action law suit or something.

  • 21
      11th of Apr, 2012
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    I worked for these "###s" for nearly 5 years, and believe me, they are no better or no more fair with their employees than they are with their customers (unless you are a political "crony" ) - I've seen them ruin the careers of a number of good credit-management people with their practices, and any young college graduate who really has any ambition at all uses them merely as a career "stepping stone", to get some initial experience, and then "get the hell outa Dodge ! " They are affiliated with Clayton Homes, which owns a good part of Knoxville, TN, and both are "in cahoots" with city government - and boy, do they use it ! Very political company - 21st's CEO is a staunch Republican, who will tell you openly and outright, that he has no use for Democrats, or any representation from that party .. yep - by all means, steer clear !

  • Ca
      31st of Dec, 2013
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    Have to agree with every single persons assessment of this company. I'm in Florida and it's no better with them here either.

    Karma is a b**** when it comes to payback and I'm sure they will eventually get theirs back 3 times over what they've dished out. I'd love to see them ran out of business completely. And I'd do anything within my power to see that happen too!

    Seriously of thinking of sending a few attorney's I'm acquainted with to this website so they can see just how many people are so rudely and UNPROFESSIONALLY treated by this company! 21st Mortgage doesn't deserve to even exist with their attitude towards THEir customers that PAY their salaries!

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