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2001 Nissan Sentra / warning to owners!

1 United States

Warning to 2001 sentra gxe owners: due to a problem with a crank/camshaft sensor, your engine may cut out while the car is in motion.

I have a nissan sentra gxe, model year 2001. Since I purchased the car new, I have had to replace the same part twice, soon to be three times. Once I was lucky enough to have it covered under a product recall. The second time I was told there was no recall, only to find out a month after I paid to fix it myself, that there had indeed been a recall on the first recalls replacement parts. My request for refund for parts and labor was denied. It was not an entirely expensive fix, just a couple of hundred dollars. However, as I was driving home this week my car did the exact same thing it always does when this sensor blows. I was driving on the highway, going about 70-the speed limit-and my engine cuts off. I don't know if anyone has had this happen to them, but with power steering it becomes very hard to steer and control the car at that speed-especially with the engine off, if you turn it too quickly you lock the steering wheel. Also, this model has electronic assist on the brakes, so the brake pedal gets stiff and it will only depress about 1 inch, making stopping the vehicle almost impossible. You almost have to just pray and let the car cruise to a stop, all the while almost causing several accidents and risking grave injury to yourself and others.

So here I am, having cheated death for a third time now, fighting with nissan trying to get them to realize that there is still a problem with the sensor. They seem to think that the problem has been resolved. I can assure you it has not. I am currently expecting a child, so I think it is time to just part ways with the car, and nissan. After this has happened so many times, I just feel like I can't take the risk. It makes you nervous, you just never know when it is going to happen.

Erin a. Mohl
North carolina

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