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My complaint is similar to most others - delivery was interminable and the product looked nothing like the image I submitted. I sent a photo of a 4-month old girl and the figurine (they sent a stationary figurine instead of the bobblehead as advertised on Groupon) looked like a 40-year-old transvestite. OK. Nothing special about poor workmanship. It happens.

My real issue is the bait-and-switch copy on their site. They promise: "We do not, like the majority of our competitors, outsource the management of the quality of our products." Great! I'm happy to support American businesses. When the figurine arrived at my door with a Chinese return address, I re-read the ad copy. And technically, they aren''t lying. They don't state they outsource the manufacture, just the "management of quality." Clever way to wriggle out of potential litigation, but the intentionality is obvious.

An amusing sidebar: When I sent a complaint e-mail, the response was written in horribly broken English - one sentence reads "We let customer follow the production of their minime so they can see during production how it's looking like." So they outsource the production and the customer service. Again, this is fine, unless you make the refusal to outsource your work a primary selling point.

The poor craftsmanship is reason enough to avoid 1Minime, but the company's outright dishonesty takes the cake.

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  • Hm
      15th of Feb, 2012
    1MiniMe Bobblehead - Ridiculous waiting time
    United States

    I ordered bobbleheads from 1MiniMe after reading about a deal that they had on Groupon. I was too late to get the groupon so I paid full price for my bobbleheads as the website looked very professional and reputable. Now I know that you can't base your decisions on solely on how a website is designed. The first problem occurred when I received my credit card bill and realized that I was charged an international fee when I ordered the bobbleheads. Nowhere on the website does it say that they are based out of Hong Kong and that the customer will be charged an international fee. The second, and main, problem is occurring right now. I ordered my bobbleheads around the end of October and it is now the middle of February and I still have not received anything. They claim that the bobbleheads take 8-12 weeks; obviously this is taking a lot longer than 12 weeks. They send pictures for review after each stage of bobblehead making, but I only received one picture, and that was for the first stage which was the head of the statue. It took so long that when I emailed them they said that they have had complaints about not receiving any sculpting status updates and that this has been happening alot since they moved to a new studio. First of all, if you're going to move to a new studio you should keep track of all the orders and not forget anything. Customers fuel your business and conveniently 'forgetting/losing' an order is not acceptable. It's been 3 months and the only part of the statue that I am sure is made is the head. At this rate, I feel like I will never get my statue and find it ridiculous that I have to constantly email them for an update; which is another thing. The only way to contact them is by email... I will say that they do respond fairly quickly but that does not outweigh all the cons. I will advise anyone that plans on using this company to steer clear and save your money and time. There are other companies that provide the same service with better results. Oh, and I almost forgot, I was told that they only have 1 sculptor...really????

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  • Dp
      18th of Feb, 2012

    Lies, lies, lies! This company is a scam!!! I would advise anyone to stay away from this company. I put in my order early December and can't even tell you how many excuses I have been given by now. At this time and point I doubt that I'll ever receive my order!

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  • Ca
      7th of Mar, 2012

    TOTALLY AGREE!!! I too placed my order in October 2011 after seeing it on Groupon. I received pictures to approve of the head sculpture fairly quick. I have to tell you it was WAY off! When I asked them to fix the nose...which looked more like a beak...they sent me another pic a week later that was pointy and turned up at the end! Again nothing like a the pictures I sent! When I asked again to please look at the pictures i sent and fix thee nose i was asked to spend more money for unlimited fixes. That you are only aloud to adk for one fix otherwise. I feel like that should have been my first clue this was not going to go smoothly. You can not call for answers. Emails are only responded to when they feel like it. I spent about $150 for a gift for my sons coach. How disappointing that he will probably not eve be my sons coach when or if we get it! Its now March 7the. Still just getting excuses. Chinese New Year ...waiting on paint answer back at all...this went from something i was sooo excited about to a complete headache!!! I regret this purchase for sure!!!

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  • Mi
      16th of Mar, 2012
    1MiniMe Bobblehead - Bobblehead not what I ordered
    United States

    I ordered two bobbleheads through 1MiniMe. One bobblehead is a pretty good likeness of the photos I submitted. The other is not. They send photos of the clay sculpted head that you either approve or ask for revisions to be made. I did ask for revisions and the clay sculpted head looked pretty good. The next step is the painted head process. When I reviewed the photos, I knew something wasn't right, so I asked for the hair to be repainted. It was and I verified the head. When I received the bobblehead, it was not the same one that had been sculpted! I have proof because I printed the photos of the sculpted head, which I'm thankful for. They are no longer available on my account! I have sent emails back and forth daily with this company but they refuse to work with me, even though I have proof they painted and mailed the wrong bobblehead. Do not order from this company.

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  • Jw
      2nd of May, 2012

    1Minime is an awful company! I ordered my bobblehead dolls in early November! It is now May! 7 Months?! They sent me pictures of the dolls in January, and one looked nothing like the picture I sent. I requested a revision, they then sent me the same picture, I couldn't see that any revisions had even been made!! I am so angry that I chose this company. I spent close to $300. I have tried to demand a refund, but they sent an email back saying it should only be a few more days. That was one month ago. DO NOT give this company your business!!

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