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Beware before you use this service. Unless you're going to fill up an entire truck with junk and it's in a spot where you just dont' want to carry it out of, then I wouldn't even consider this service. I had one (1) single couch that I wanted to get rid of. I was like ok i'll call these guys. It's convenient. The thing was on my front porch. It would take anyone 1 minute to pick it up and put it in the truck. Not even.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lancaster, PA These guys wouldnt' give me a quote over the phone even though I told them the dimensions, then when they get there they say it's 10 minutes to load the thing up and charge me $154 to move it!!! Wtf is that!!! They completely take advantage of someone who can't move something by themselves. $154 to remove something that is so easy and quick. Whatever. They'll con you out of so much money it's unbelievable and they know they have you because it has to be removed. Consumer beware.

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  • Ju
      Oct 29, 2009

    On the web site their charges are clearly stated with a pictorial examples of what constitutes what fraction or full load of the truck.
    $108 is there minimum charge and it goes up from there... someone did not do the home work..

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  • Kr
      Oct 09, 2018

    @justasain So I watched the video and saw that when you load the truck, prices are based on how much you fill the truck. So I have a table and I asked if they can add on top of the table. They said it would be more, alot more. So it is NOT based on how much you fill the truck but over all volume. So even if they pile up on top and it still only takes a 1/8 of the truck they charge you more based on volume. I did it this time, but I would not recommend this solely based on price. The removal was very easy, but they charge way way too much. If it was truly based on how much of the truck you take up then it would have been worth it. but its not, so false advertising!

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  • Ju
      Feb 19, 2011

    Charging that kind of money is just unreasonable. Lets be realistic people, i also own a junk removal company in ontario, and based on what i just read, the total cost should have been 4o. Oo if it was on a porch, maybe 50. 00 - 60. 00 if it was couch bed. The disposal fee where i am for a single item of that size and weight would be like 8. 00 bucks! That is why people need to use smaller honest companies. Make a couple calls find out the truth about pricing, and then make a decision. I could not tell you how many times we have done jobs because of these companies charging this way!. Taking advantage of people is no way to keep repeat business, not to mention all the time and fuel wasted driving all over the city, getting turned down by customers, because you charge to much.

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  • Ma
      Jul 22, 2012

    OMG, It's a service...2 men, a truck, dump fees, gas, wear and tear on the truck, insurance, sounds like the price was VERY fair!

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  • Al
      Jul 15, 2018

    @marfink I had the same horrible experience. I Measured my 'junk' pile 6'x5'x3'h (approx 3 cubic yards) and that's with margins in their favor and they said my stuff filled up more than 1/2 their truck (15 cubic yards). Problem is there was already stuff in their truck, which I only know because I ran up to my second floor so I could peer in from the top. They refused to open the doors for me to see what was inside. I asked them to open it up because they started throwing my stuff in over the top! 1 800 RIP OFFS

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  • Bu
      Nov 26, 2013

    Same bad experience with 1800 Got Junk. I will look elsewhere next time. I would never use this company. again.

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  • Jl
      Oct 24, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    Legitimate companies carry insurance, dispose of the items properly and hire employees to work for them. The number 1 question to consider asking yourself when scheduling ANY service is "how much is my time worth?" Now break it down this way, pay yourself a reasonable wage and pay a friend a reasonable wage. Plan on 45 minutes of drive time in the mix. Make sure you have insurance, general liability and workman's compensation in case there is any damage to the homeowner's property or your employee. Make sure you have a good size truck to do the job; those do not come cheap (they don't use pick up trucks). Pay for your gas to do the job. Pay for the disposal fees of the item (which by the way, a pickup truck may get away with a $10 dump fee, but legitimate trucks of good size will see a $45-$75 minimum for disposal). Oh, and if you want to keep doing business, pay for your advertising to get your name out there. Yes, you can do this yourself for cheaper. Yes, there are pickup truck operations out there that don't carry insurance and may not even have 2 men working for them. Those operations you are also lucky to have the job completed; and forget if they damage anything in your house; you're stuck with it! A lot more goes into these services than people realize. You pay more for the security and professionalism you get with companies like this.

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  • Br
      Sep 20, 2017

    @Jlmac2320 Amen...agreed. Everyone wants something for free, or close to it. I doubt they'd put themselves in the same position and handle all the overhead for little to nothing. Thank you for pointing this out. At least there's one person out there with a brain. lol

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  • Ww
      Apr 04, 2015

    bottom line - go on craigslist and find local trustworthy guys to help you out...there are good local guys out there! Screen them well and ask questions!

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  • Dd
      Aug 10, 2015

    to the naive person who thinks it only take 1 min to get rid of a couch. its expensive to run a business. there's employees that you have to pay along with that is work-mans comp. and employee share of taxes. a couch would take 2 employees- there's travel time going to your house, to the dump and back to the place of business. well the truck takes fuel to run it. also insurance, registration, maintainance, lets not forget the purchase of the truck (payments), The dump fees, in my area its a min. of $65 up 2000 lbs. in other words it doesn't matter if its couch or a truck load up to 2000lbs the cost is $65. Now lets get into business expenses, there's monthly rent for business location, advertising, business liability insurance, possibly some kind of security (rent a cop, cameras, fence, or dog, or all the above) for the truck storage lot, Oh ya lets not forget that the owner of the business he or she should make some income because they have to pay a self employment tax on top of fed. taxes plus be able to support him or herself. IT COSTS ME ABOUT $200 PER DAY JUST TO OPEN MY DOORS WEATHER THE TRUCKS ROLL OR NOT. NOW YOU COULD HAVE DONE IT YOUSELF Im going to assume the reason you didn't is you didn't have a truck but you were physically able-- truck rental uhaul $19 a day min.-- insurance $13--fuel round trip $15--hire someone to help 1hr. min. $12.-- dump fees I have to with my area $65. equals $125*** WOW YOU WOULD HAVE SAVED $29.00*** I WISH PEOPLE WOULD THINK AND LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE BEFORE THEY GET DIARRIA OF THE MOUTH.

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  • Ka
      Aug 14, 2018

    @ddro I understand bro i work for 1800gotjunk?

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  • Pi
      Apr 14, 2016

    Running a business is not free... But everyone wants everything for free...

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  • Ja
      Jun 05, 2016

    I own a Junk Removal corporation as well, and people sometimes just don't understand the costs involved. Paying 2 guys for an hour is around $25-30. Plus gas, tax, dump fees, insurance, mileage, labor, etc. If you think $154 is too expensive rent a U-Haul for $100 and haul it yourself and pay a minimum of $60 dump fee, gas, mileage and your time and labor. Next time just refuse the free estimate instead of agreeing and leaving a negative review.

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  • Te
      Jun 14, 2016

    Call Goodwill or Salvation Army. They will be happy to pick up a couch that a needy family can use. Your junk is another family's treasure. And they pick up for free!!

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  • Cl
      Jul 11, 2017

    @Temple Terrace, FL salvation army only takes like new couches. anything with visible wear is not accepted. FYI.

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  •   Jun 16, 2016

    I Was Just On This Website...There Are No Rates Listed At All.

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  • Pe
      Jul 29, 2016

    To the guy who calls himself (someone) $154 is fair 2 men, gas, and a truck, Did you want them to come and remove your couch for $10? Every needs to get paid.Would you do it for any less, I dont think so.

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  • Jo
      Sep 05, 2016

    Yea, send like a pointless service. There are plenty of people and places that will either take it free or even pay you for it. Look around and stay away from any place that uses a 1800 # in their company name.

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  • Ja
      Sep 16, 2016

    $154??? That's a good price!
    Considering the price of gas and paying for 2 people's hourly salary that's a fair price. If that price was too high;
    You should have called the salvation army instead, they could have used the furniture.
    You could have also gone to home depot and pay some people to move it for you, but you run the risk of some strangers knowing where you live and whats inside. With a professional server at least you have a peice of mind.

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  • Ci
      Sep 20, 2016

    The main thing that bothers me is that there is no way to get an estimate up front . It would be a big bonus if I knew .

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  • Br
      Sep 20, 2017

    @Cindy Lou Holmes They don't do upfront prices until they get there. It doesn't hurt anything on your side for them to come and give a price. It's still your choice to say no without having to pay for their coming out in the first place. Their pricing rides on how much space your stuff takes up in the truck, and they can't tell you that until they actually see what you have.

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  • Yo
      Oct 22, 2016

    I needed to have some boxes and bags removed. It wasnt much but i didnt have a truck or car and needed it from my business. The guys came over and told me no less than $500 and it will fill up the whole truck. They said theyd be back later, after already being later than the three hour period, and they would pick it up. I found someone with a small pickup truck that would do it for $75. And it didnt even fill up his dump truck. Their estimates are way off. Even with gas and two guys, theyre not taking every load to the dumpster by itself. They get multiple calls from people who have no other way, so with it being one trip for three houses, I shouldnt be paying $50 in gas for them and with it being a big company, I shouldnt solely be paying for their liability. I understand small companies because they arent big enough to pay for the overhead but if small companies can afford to give cheaper prices, it doesnt make any sense why these people cant. Later I called them to cancel them, and thet refuse to cancel me. Said theyd work on the price and hung up. Wouldnt answer my call back so i had to call the office and tell them they are wasting their time. Finally the guy called me back after i cancelled to tell me they could do it for $200... If thats the case, why would you quote $500 in the first place??? They really are scamming people who are ultimately helpless. Theres no way they require so much money for a few items. You can talk business about how much things cost all day but when the same business can afford to drop $300 off their estimate because you refuse their business, you know they are in the business to scam. Im sure those jokers are kicking themselves for leaving before doing the job. All that did was give me time to hire someone else.

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  • Yo
      Oct 22, 2016

    correction: wouldnt even fill his pick up truck

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  • Ud
      Nov 20, 2016

    Called them and they came over and gave me a 900 dollar estimate. 1 and 1/4 truck load they said. What a a local guy that removed the construction material for 170 dollars. Will never call them again.

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  • Wi
      Jan 15, 2017

    Have used them before and will use them again. I'd suggest actually reading what you are agreeing to next time. Does it make sense to have them show up to remove your household trash each week? Definitely not. Does it make sense with a larger job. Definitely yes. Also, I had no issues with them expecting discarded items to be waiting at the driveway. They carried items from a storage building at the rear of the property and a few spots around the lot. Very courteous and helpful.

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  • Am
      Feb 16, 2017

    I saw an around town "hauling truck" with a phone number posted on the side. I called the number to have them take away my old couch. They charged me 50 bucks, which included a dumping fee, came and got the couch, and it was a done deal!

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  • St
      May 09, 2017

    I found this company at the local level to be completely unreliable. They did not show up within their two hour window and when we called we were lied to, treated rudely and hung up on. Some of the comments here are accurate - use a local hauler, not 1 800 got junk because the coordination between national dispatch and the local franchise is very poor!

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  • Kr
      May 23, 2018

    I've used 1-800 Got Junk twice and they were super professional, reasonably priced and very convenient. They hauled a LOT of yard debris from our backyard which was several hundred meters to their truck -- so I'm not sure why this person had a bad experience.

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  • Well, I just had similar experience. 530$ for removal of Ikea furniture, which dismantles into REALLY small bits (anyone who did purchase there knows how small packages they come in). But it was much better to put sofa not only in one piece, but also OPENED so it takes 2x space... And of course - not placing table on top of sofa, because it is better to use 5/8 of a truck for item that cost ~350$ to *PURCHASE* (transport/assembly included).

    So... did it once. Never again

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  • Da
      Aug 08, 2018

    I did not find this company "Trustworthy" our fault for not having someone there to supervise. Everything that needed to be picked up was in the driveway ready for loading. When he called with a quote of $588 I should have said "no" but at the time we needed to get ready for an Estate sale. About 15 minutes later he calls and says the truck is full and you will need a second truck for $400, I said hell no I will not pay $988 to have this stuff removed so I said take the stuff you have and I will worry about the rest. In 30 seconds he call's me back and says "Hey we have a second truck in the area and can pick it up for $100, BS, there is no way a second truck would have been in the location we were at. So do I take a day off work and do it myself or pay the $100 ? No, so they soaked for another $100. From $400 to $100 ? If that doesn't seem fishy I don't know what does. Scammers that's what they are. Why 15 minutes to fill a truck for $588 dollars, really ? Lairs !

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  • Bu
      Sep 04, 2018

    There was a lot of negative post about this company and the one that did it for me was the 500.00 charge for removing items that was dropped to 200.00
    Something shady going on here. don't know how they are still doing business

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