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Beware of I cancelled an order because the shipping to florence, s. C. Was $225 or more and I found an alternative option that was only $70 shipping from a location even further away. 3 days before it was shipped I called by phone. The person on the phone was rude and said if he couldn't stop the order thru the warehouse (Implying it was at another location) when it arrives just sign refussed and return it. I told him it was the shipping price I had a problem with and he said o. K. And repeated "sir, just refuse it". So I said, "what about the shipping charges? Then the idiot said,"you'll have to pay for that!"then I said,"well why don't you just stop the order?"... Let's shorten this by saying it was clear he was trained to force the shipping charge on me because later I contacted jay at the shipping company (A third party) and was told that was extremely high what I was being charged... Obviously they were making a profit from the shipping!... This made me upset. I had a sence the guy on the phone was intentionally going to make sure my order was not stopped in time... So then I followed up immediately by email and repeated for them to stop the order.... Then I called 3 days later and neil (Said he was the manager) said it was shipped at 2pm and appologized and acknowledged it was their error and there was plenty of time and opportunity to stop the order. Neil said he wanted to find out who was working friday evening because the warehouse (That turned out to be downstairs), was never notified... The email was never read (So neil told me)... Let's shorten this again... Neil lead me on that he would talk to the owner about a goodwill gesture in the form of a store credit... Let's shorten this even more... Neil never even called me again and one guy even hung up on me when I called and said neil was working on a goodwill gesture for an error that occured... These people are shady in my dealings with them... And to top it all off a power conditioner that I got in the order worked for 30 minutes... No company is perfect but if they lie and conspire against their customers you need to beware!!!... I went on to spend several thousand dollars thru 2 other online companies and they could have made much more than they ripped me off for because if they would have been decent about it, I would have ordered differently around their shipping terms to make it work for me but the quick profit is obviously more important... I hope neil chokes on his shipping profit and shady tactics... And if he truely did speak to the owner and he was a party of the stall and b. S. They put me thru I hope it shows on there end of the year bottom line year after year... I'll spread the word in my area along with all my band members... If you feel the same... Copy and paste and add your experiance... Don't trust


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