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I had been with 011 communications phone company for more than 2 october 2008 I went over my bill and realized that insted of 7.9 cents per minute I was charged 21.9 cent!!! I called the company and hey revised the bill, which I paid online. Believe it or not, but overcharges continued untill may 2009. Finally I became sick of calling 011 communications to revise my bill., and in may 2009 I finally switched to another long distance phone company (love them). My last bill from 011 communications arrived in the middle of may, and again... Overcharge! I called them to recalculate the bill, the lady said that she would take care of it and that I have to call back in a few days to get my correct balance. When I called them back (011 communications), the representative told me that they were unable to recalculate the bill and that I have to pay the entire amount including the overcharge... Because I did not use their services for more than a month!!! How many more like me are getting overcharged by 011 communications, and do not notice it!!! Check your bills!

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  • Ya
      Jul 14, 2009

    Hello Everybody 011 Commucations they overcharge me and some calls I didn't even made it. I tryed to call them several times there attidude is bad they answer like there the king. They also shut the phone in my face I have never seen a Phone company so rude and bad. I kept calling to fix the situation and I also tryed to ask for the manager. They say they don't have a manager If they don't how do they have a phone company. if they don't have a manager how do I fix the situation and pay my bills. If I had to rate the company from a scale from 1 to 10 it would be one I have been with AT&T FOR 13 YEARS and iI had no promblem but this company is the worst company in the world.

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