Columbia Gas of Ohiocall employer and caused me to loose my job

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A Columbia GAs Employee called my Employer and discussed a personal matter with them regarding a Dispute that we were having with Columbia Gas over a Bill where they fixed a gas leak. In the event of this call from a Columbia Gas Employee and them calling my Employer I was fired from my job. Columbia Gas refuses to do anything about it, because my previous Employer told them that he did not tell me this, even though I gave Columbia Gas a CD with the conversation on it.


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    themosh Nov 23, 2010
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    This is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. No gas company bills you for fixing a gas leak that is on their side of the meter (everything up to the outlet swivel nut). If their distribution system is leaking, they fix it and don't charge the customer. I call BS.

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    Columbia Gas Sucks Aug 06, 2011

    Columbia Gas is so bad. I have so many problems with them that it is very draining mentally. They are like the mafia. I have a 2 family house that I bought 2 years ago. I called Columbia Gas and this is the first time I've done business with them. I told them that I bought he house and that I need to put the 2 meters in my name and have the gas turned on. After a year and a half I receive a letter in the mail saying that they are sorry but we have only been sending you one bill instead of 2. Your other bill that we havnt sent for 18 months is now $3700.00 and you have to pay the full balance within 2 weeks or we will shut off your gas. I couldn't believe it. I told them they can't expect me to pay 18 months of gas in 2 weeks and it's about to be winter and I need gas. So what did they do? They shut off my gas all winter long and I had no heat and no stove. It was the worst time of my life and it as a cold winter. In the spring time I still couldn't get the money together because times are really tough and food has to come first. I called them up and told them I was going to call the attorney general they handed the phone to a higher person and wouldn't tell me their full name. She was very rude and was talking about personal things that had nothing to do with this issue and was treating me like I was a bum. After all the bull, she said I would have to pay $1000 and it would be turned on and then I would have to pay close to $1000 per month for 3 months. Long story short, I payed almost $3000 in 3 months and had 1 month to go and I couldn't pay the last bill. I got a shut off notice so I borrowed the money and payed he bill. 2 weeks after I payed the bill the gas got shut off. They say I owe $100 so we shut it off. They charge me a lot of money to shut off my gas and come back to turn it on. I really want to smash the meter so bad. I have to find a way to get heat and work the stove another way. People should not be treated like peasants. The hundred dollars was not from the past. It was a new bill. These guys just do whatever they feel like and somehow get away with it. I read so many complaints about them online tonight. They really are a bunch of crooks.

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