Coles Supermarketssamir at coles coburg disgusting work practices endorsed by his own manager steve

J Aug 15, 2018

My name is Johann, this morning I went shopping at the Coles in Coburg, there are two Coles stores there, I went into the one just behind Coburg station.
As I was in there I was just about to get my milk but I stopped. The reason I stopped is because a member of staff was loading new milk into the fridge. I noticed he had a bad cold and was continuously sneezing and wiping his nose with a dirty handkerchief. I noticed he kept loading on the milk with the very hands he had been using to wipe the snot out of his nose with his handkerchief. I thaught this was so disgusting and unhygienic. I am about to buy this milk and this guy is sneezing around beverages that I am going to drink. I told him what are you doing, I told him to go and wash his hands, he left reluctantly. For all I know all the milk he loaded up in the fridge was done with his contaminated hands. This is totally disgusting, I have worked in food industry, the moment you wipe your nose you wash your hands even if it is with sealed products. I complained to the manager Steve and he scoffed at me and thaught I was over reacting, he clearly stated it doesn't matter the milk product has a lid, this is from the manager. If he allows this practice what else is going on at the Coles in Coburg.

The guy loading the milk was Samir an Indian guy with glasses.
People have kids and this sort of behavior causes cross contamination and is totally unacceptable in my view. When you work with food you have to be extra careful.
Samir doesn't care and neither does the manager, they seem to think cross contamination What of it, no one will know. I believe they need to be investigated.
That manager in my opinion is breaking food and health laws by not addressing issue seriously. What if a child gets sick from Samirs [censored] ways of conducting his work. Lets put him in the Ceo office and he serves your food while he is sneezing and wiping his hands and dirty nose with a dirty rag and than he serves you your drinks without washing his hands. Next thing you the entire board of directors is sick from one careless employee who has no regard for food safety or hygene. He is committing a crime in my eyes.
One day if the world is hit by a virus it will come from cross contamitation from an employee like SAMIR who doesn't give a toss. Air born germs combined with the dirt from his hands and the biological pathogens being extreated by his nose, No one knows how clean or dirty he really is, I don't, Do you. But do you want a guy like this preparing your milk which you are about to give your baby, Think about it.
Diseases come from the most extrodinary places and people like Samir will be one of those people responsible. You may think I am being dramatic, just look at human history and all the diseases we have had. And a manager not taking food and health and hygene practices seriously is a shame and an emberassment to the high standards that Coles lives by. Think about it.
My name is Johann, my number is [protected] and I am writing to the CEO because I care about peoples well being and the well being of our children. People like Samir and the manager Steve are putting people at risk in my opinion.
NB when I told Steve he scoffed at me and defended SAMIR DISGUSTING ACTION of sneezing and wiping his nose and not washing his hands and that is a fact!!!

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