Coles Supermarketsonline order


Have only ordered online twice now and I can see why this is not going to work for me. First order I asked for 800g majool dates and I got 4kg of sweet potatoes. I did receive a refund and a $15 credit thankyou, but this is so inconvenient when you need an item that day and are unable to get to the store or any store for that matter. The 2nd time I was sent an email saying if I spent $60 online I would get extra flybuys, so against my better judgement off I went again and spent roughly $69 to get the points. When I got home I was 4 items short, so I phoned the click and collect person and she said they were out of stock as this item is on sale and when it comes in stock she will give me a call for me to collect them. I still have not heard from her. so I went in to the store today and spoke with Steve floor manager at the time I think, anyway he said this is not the process they go by and without an order number he can't do anything. This is very annoying when the staff are not trained properly and they tell me one thing and it is not the proper procedure, as basically Steve was calling me a liar. I did not have the order number on me at the time but it is [protected]. I have received another email to say these items were not in stock and I have not been charged which I haven't but I have missed out on the flybuys points which is the only reason why I bought online in the first place. If product is not in stock it should be made known straight away and also if an item is half price or on sale there should be enough in stock as to not run out. I am forever being disappointed with the service at coles and am seriously wandering why I am still shopping there.

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