Coles Supermarketsmini plastic shopping items

S Aug 06, 2018

I find it so disturbing that a large company as yourself is so ignorant to the environment. You clearly have no care or compassion for the people, plants or animals of this world. The fact that you have distributed millions of tiny plastic pieces of shopping in the month of july, which in the community that I live in has been living consciously to ban plastic from our lives as much as we can, is like a kick in the ass. What even is the point of us consciously caring when huge corporations like you do crazy stuff like this? Why people even want small shopping items as toys when they already buy shopping with loads of plastic to throw away is beyond me, I can think of nothing more annoying & wasteful. Are you even aware of the fact that plastic does not break down??? Ever!!! It is in your power as a large company to set an example. Please try better in the future. Im sure you have children, think of them & what kind of world you are leaving behind for them. You ban the bag which is great, thank you, but then this!? Pure madness

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