Coles Supermarkets Australiafree containers

C Jul 04, 2019

Because of getting those free container credits before 2 July, 2019, we rushed to Kincumber & Green Point NSW store to spend $160 to get those credits on 1st Jul 2019, but when we asked the staff in Kincumber Store to claim for that, she gave give us a very bad looking, looks like we are asking for freebies, making clear is that we have to spend big amount of money to get those containers, I think we don't deserve this kind of manner. After that, the other day, we nearly went to all local store, the answer for us is we are not getting anymore in, also one of the staff told me that there may be some coming that night, so I rang the Erina Fair store to make sure that they are there, otherwise just wasting my time & petrol. the answer is not getting anymore in, different answer from staff of the same store.So really Coles should let store know that if they are sending store anymore stock instead of everybody don't know what's happening.Eventhough Coles customer service don't know anything, they just telling me that nothing they can do about my query.

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