Coinbasemoney stolen from my bank account

A Nov 23, 2017

This man told me he was refunding the $90 that Amazon owed my 9 year old daughter. He took control of my computer and said that these were the steps that he had to take to refund it. He then tried to deposit the money back into my daughter's bank account however, he said he couldn't because she had no license. He said he had to do the refund in my account. He kept asking me to go onto my online banking and see if I could see the $1.35 and $1.25 transaction that was pending. I then told him I could see it. He then sent me a link to take a picture of my license - when I asked why he said that my license was needed to verify who I am. So I did that for him as well. He then told me it would take up to 1 hour for the money to be back into my account. Then he told me I could transfer it to my daughter's account. I said thank you. We hung up. I went to my banking app and realized he had stolen another $400 from my account. I called back all the number we had spoke on - none were in service. I finally reached him at [protected] and once he heard my voice he hung up. I phoned my bank and canceled my card. They are opening an investigation into this matter and I will get my money back one way or another. I also phoned the police. I am disgusted in you guys.

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