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U Aug 06, 2018

August 6, 2018
To whom it my concern,
I am writing to express my deep disappointment in your service and lack of professionalism as a company to resolve an ongoing issue that is clearly no fault of our own.
Up until this year, we had have very few issues with your company. You provided a service we paid for your service on time, each and every issues, no complaints until...
Early this year, we were having some problems with one of our receivers. We called up, you sent us out a replacement receiver with a prepaid Canada Post label to return the old Hd receiver. The problem with the HD box seemed to clear itself. We called and explained that we wanted to upgrade our non-HD box to an HD box, we were told to keep the HD box (added to our bill) and to just send back the old SD box. As instructed we packaged up the SD receiver and placed the prepaid Canada Post label as requested to be returned to Cogeco.
On April 13th, 2018 we dropped off the receiver to the Canada Post office. Canada Post in turn gave us a receipt with tracking number .
The first billing following the return of the receiver we noticed that we were charged for a receiver that we had sent back to your company. A charge of $649.75 including tax for a receiver we no longer had in our possession. We had called your company and were informed you had not yet received the receiver. we gave the agent the Canada Post tracking number. We then had contacted Canada Post and were informed that since we were not their "customer" that there was nothing we could do about it. "Cogeco" is the customer and they are the only ones that can start an investigation on the whereabouts of the lost parcel.
Numerous times we have called your company and have spoken to several different agents regarding this matter waiting on hold up to 45 minutes at times. Each and every time we had called we have given your representatives the tracking number to Canada Post. Not once did one of your agents put the tracking number in your system as the agents informed us with each new call. Each call we were left with the feeling that it was not your problem, until the receiver was returned there was nothing they can do about it even though it was your delivery label that was sent to us with proof through tracking that we had sent it back to you. Each time we also asked to speak to a manager and never were we able to speak with a higher up to try to resolve this issue. Our hands were tied as Canada Post informed us you "Cogeco" was the customer and it was up to you to contact them. Your agents would tell us there was nothing they could do until the receiver was in your possession. We had asked your agents to call Canada Post, no one made any initiative on your end to try to help with this matter. We also asked for our current bill minus the cost of the receiver so we could stay current until this matter was resolved, which was paid monthly.
About a month ago we called again, frustrated to stay the least but this agent said that the charge would be off our bill for the next billing cycle...Losing confidence in your company it was no surprise to us when our next bill came in to find that the charge for this receiver was still showing on our bill.
Even through all this confusion and frustration we called on August 6, to add additional stations and were informed our account was on hold and sent to the claims department. I had not received any notice (email, phone calls, letter) that my account was put on hold. We were informed they were unable to make any changes to our account as it was on hold by an extremely unprofessional service representative named "Katherine". Needless to say the way this matter has been handled from the start, and then the unacceptable attitude by Katherine when discussing this, made our decision that much easier to cancel our account with Cogeco. How many calls and the time we wasted trying to resolve this issue that is still not resolved.
When I made the final call to cancel our account I finally had a positive experience with a customer service agent named Brianna, even though she was unable to take this charge off my account. She has started a case file but unfortunately at this point our decision to change our service provider was already made.
We have also contacted Canada Post again and explained our situation with lack of support and help from Cogeco regarding this matter. They have starting an investigation into tracking this parcel.
I would like this charge taken off my account now, and any collections removed immediately. As I have always had a top notch credit rating and I am certainly not going to sit back and let Cogeco put a black mark on it for something that is no fault of our own. I am going through the proper channels by contacting you first and would expect to see this issue resolved immediately.

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