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My friend was bragging about her clubpenguin and to me to get 1 so I did. I signed up I was so happy!! :]... then It was so boring :[ cuz I had nothing to buy because I wasnt a member : so later on I asked my mom but I could only get monthy. So i got it. Then my brothers made a account and they got monthy too. However I got mine first and it expired. I only had a month and it the days went by fast. My brother got his account last I have 3 brothers but 2 of them only signed up to be a member. After I got mine expired nexted goesmmy brother like that. However My last brother Zergio only signed up for one month n he still has his member ship!!! :O And now every month they take out money from my moms account!!! <.< I never like to buy from the intrent mostly from a credit card! XD you should try something more like however people can hack u :P


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      May 18, 2019
    Club Penguin Island - club penguin ridiculous rules!
    United States

    I cannot say the letter f because people ruined it for me! wanna know why? because i use it in an innocent way yet you assume i will use it in another way but i dont and you dont even get rid of people with lewd names! fix this NOW!

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